Illusion island not enough players

how can i get this island map if theres never more than 4 ppl doing it on my server even at peak hours. Please merge servers or lower the requeriments for reward when there are less ppl.

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It is impossible to get the island soul or anything from this island.It is dead. Have been trying every day for the last 10 days and I have been leaving there empty handed and frustrated along with the other one or two people who were there too.Please do something.

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I have shared this sentiment with the team regarding adventure islands becoming tougher / impossible as player numbers fluctuate. Thank you for the additional reports on this matter.


Another issue would be field bosses. While it’s obvious that you don’t want people to farm them multiple times per day, having to do T1/T2 bosses and losing rewards on T3 content is really frustrating.

For example Magmadon drops a really rare quest which is pretty much obtainable now unless you want to lose a lot of stuff every time you do him instead of T3 boss.

I’d make it so that T1/T2 bosses are doable once per day, but you can only do one T3 boss. There’s no gold value to be gained from T1/T2, just something us collectors would appreciate.

Not to mention how difficult it is to do Harvest Lord or Sol Grande because even though they’re T2 bosses, it still takes at least 5 people to do them.

On Karta, standing in Illusion Island by myself. I’ve been here 20+ times, no soul and today, not even a chance.

Sadness, I am also in Karta and haven’t tried to do that island yet :c

Today i managed to solo unknown island boss in no less than 20 minutes (im a gunlancer 1415), it was a nightmare (couse it grabs you all the time for 30 seconds) and cost me several battle items AT 17pm (peak hours). And guess what? it droped 2 useless potions and 19 gold. of course no f token even with more than 70 tries

not only adventure islands, all event scheduled islands (regular scheduled island and most of all pvp islands wich no body likes are the worst). @OminousOnion

i think they should scale by player count and if really not enough to do anything - roll rewards by default for time wasted

no new ways to obtain the map? i’ve been trying to get 3 ppl constantly for over a month sometimes we get the reward but no map. increase drop, make it drop from chest or buyable but do something. This grind of pvp is stupid

did you get something back?