Ilvl Progression guide for new players

Hello. Im Vengon
Im someone who have 5k hours and I have 6 characters ready for upcoming content so I think I will be able to guide you to reach same thing.
After reading forum for a while I noticed ppl are spreading alot of bad informations and it must be confusing for new players so I decided to help little bit.
I want to say I will not explain basic mechanics of system in the game because you can find this on other sites like maxroll and they will explain it way better than me. Im just gonna give you advice how to progress if you already know how this game works

  1. First and most important thing. you have 6 character slots. use them.
    Some playes dont have enough time to play 6 characters and thats completely fine. still make them so you can run some dungeons when you are bored, do quests for silver or rotate 2 characters each day with rested bonus. after you level up your first lvl 50 jump on fishing or excavating. you should have trade skill tools and it will make you few thousands of golds every 3 days. I would highly suggest to pay 800 golds in stronghold to get another lvl 50 character until you have at least 4 of them(on rest you can use free powerpass from events to be in T3 faster if its available) your first goal is having 6 T3 characters.
  2. pick right alt characters. this is really important. yes you should aim for most interesting characters but keep in mind each character costs different amount of golds to gear it for long term progression. Generally when you browse builds and see that class have spec as main stat you should dodge it. I can make detailed guide later on with list of classes what are insanely cheap to gear up and still completely viable for every upcoming content.
  3. stronghold is your friend so lvl it up with research, ships and crafting. try to aim for honing cost reduce research because that will help you alot
  4. reaching T3 is really easy now. if you are in T1-T2 and you are missing materials you can do tower and it should be enough to not be stuck for long

okay now that we have basics done. what are the milestones for T3? what to do with all 6 characters in T3?

  1. 1370 will be your first stop on all 6 characters. Generally you want to do Una tasks for leapstones and chaos dungeons/guardians for rest. on 1370 you can start doing oreha dungeons and argos for first gold income. do south vern questline aswell because it will give you materials and you need it for higher chaos dungeon later on. if you still have some materials go for step 2.
  2. 1415 on as many characters as possible. this will be your happy place. You will lose oreha dungeons income but you can still do argos. With 1415 ilvl it will be alot easier to clear than on 1370 and deskaluda guardian drops bigger leapstones and they are valuable so sell them because this will be your most stable gold income. on 1415 you will open Valtan normal raid aswell. 1415 ilvl is first spot where you should care about builds. generally you want to reach at least 4x3 builds and cost will depend on class you are playing. keep in mind this build will stay for long. You should expect 5k golds+ pheon cost per character. just to compare. if you will do deskaluda on rested on 2 characters per day you will make 1320 golds just with leapstones daily. you can still do trade skills like fishing aswell so overall you should be able to make at least 3k golds daily even with low fishing or excavating.
  3. start pushing those characters with 4x3 builds to 1430 for Vykas normal
    this is kinda simple. its just for additional gold source and some mats.
  4. 1445 this is your final goal for a while because after 1445 everything will be more pricey.
    1445 will give you better chaos dungeon and hard valtan+ possibility to craft relic gear.
    Relic gear is huge powerspike to every character so its definitely good spot to chill with alts.
  5. with alts farming you gold try to reach 1460 at least on main as a next goal.
    Vykas hard will open to you(4,5k golds weekly) and new guardian Kunge. he will drop 30 leapstones per character on rested. thats 900 golds with current price so you can see how your golds are slowly ramping to decent income.
  6. before pushing further I would suggest to get all alts you want to play to 1460 aswell. more alts there=more golds incoming. simple as that.
  7. 1475 ilvl on main. this will give you kakul raid. additional 4,5k golds for free. main reason why you dont want to aim all alts into 1475 aswell is the fact that on 1475 you should be geared into 5x3 engravings and you simply dont have enough income to gear all characters at same time for it. here the class decision comes. for example cheapest classes will cost you around 40k golds to have whole setup finished and you dont need to change anything ever again on them. most expensive ones close to 400k.
  8. with 5x3 you can slowly push your main to 1490 to reach real endgame and get new armor pieces. everything after 1490 is your own decision. I would personally push main with bound materials.
  9. now its really up to you. you can let alts on 1460 or slowly push them to 1490 for bigger income but keep in mind you need to invest huge amount and it will take months to pay back without some good accesory drop to sell. This step is based on your decision. do you want to play just one character with others being just some source to feed main? probably dont push them. do you want to play more characters or you are having fun on them? push them with bound leapstones when possible.

I hope this will help to someone. If you have more questions feel free to ask I might edit this post or just give you some fast answers. at the end its just about fun. You dont need to rush it. even doing Valtan and argos can be fun for some time so keep that in mind before someone tells you how unreachable this is. you can set up your goals. This is online game after all and there will always be someone who plays more, invest more and tryhard more. trying to reach the top of the mountain without having fun while climbing it is not worth it.
see you in lost ark!


Great idea, we need such things for new players.

Just one correction - doing the tower first time doesnt give any mats - only alt clears do.

But there is maxroll speedrun to t3 guide which has you covered mat-wise, and then some + there are mokoko challenge missions which give the rest by just clearing some content (abyssal dungeons, chaos dungeons, guardian raids) for each tier.

Maxroll guide:

You will get much more mats than you need to get to tier 3. Dont open them immediately but per need - open shards little by little, dont make a mistake i did and open 150 000 shards for tier 2,cuz they will just go to waste and slow down your tier 3 honing.

thank you for additional info! ye I didnt push for a while so I forgot how tower worked but clearly its not even needed. thats amazing.

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Wait a momento, im full roster my mains are all 1445 and the 2 left are 1370. Thibking to delete paladín cause i just dont find it fun to play. But what pj is the one you say you can full on only with 40k gold?

a if the game had any new players beside bots :joy:

I was leveling my lopang character for story pass and Ive met alot of new players so stop with this negativity after every post :slight_smile: its not for first time I see you posting this.

theres alot of options. I would say cheapest builds are on those classes:
gunlancer,gravity destroyer, perfect suppression shadowhunter, EO soulfist, emperor arcana, tai scrapper, death strike sharpshooter
If you dont have any engraving books I would aim for death strike sharpshooter, PS shadowhunter or combat readiness gunlancer because their books are extremely cheap and it will help you with 5x3 alot.

Copium , it’s probably just bots with a decent name generator :joy: