Im 1414, should i go for 1415 ? or wait until valtan's release

from what i know, when valtan releases, we will be locked out from oreha, so i thought i could stay at 1414, on valtan’s release day, i do oreha for gold, and than push to 1415, i have all the mats needed to do so, is this not as efficient as i think it is ?

Doesn’t hurt to wait I guess. But why would oreha stop dropping gold?

the same reason you get no gold from t1/t2 abyss, your ilvl is high

True, but if I can get gold now as a 1450 why would it stop

because valtan will release, they will limit your gold source.

For our version they lifted the ilevel gold limit from orehas but in KR 1415 and you stop getting gold from Oreha.

They may do same for us when Valtan releases.

Ok in that case as I said before might as well wait. I also thought that since our oreha version is 1370 and other regions being 1355 our ilvl limit would be higher

Oreha will be more likely be locked only when Vykas is released.

Also, 1415 is another breakpoint for 1.5k una weekly coins. That’s a 50% increase on weekly income below 1415 (which you only get around 1k una coins per week)

Do you get lock out of Oreha hard when you are at 1415 ? That will be huge loss of income…

No lock out is 1445.

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thanks appreciate

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