Im a surge deathblade player, and everyone is saying that surge is getting nerfed, what is this big nerf?

Im really confused, like i keep reading the new surge engraving and i still dont understand, is it not possible anymore x12 rotations?

you can still do x12 rotations, you will just have 40% damage instead of 150% and 1.2 bubbles instead of 2.1

16 stacks will require you use 1 main skill to get a third orb, or 18 stacks to get your 3rd orb without using another skill

20 stacks becomes maximum efficiency damage wise instead of 14ish

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so rip x12 x14 rotations?
also engravings, usually surge skill only needs lvl 1 to be funtional, do i gotta get lvl 3 now?

Just take it with a grain salt, the only thing you can do is adapt to this change.

I’m a Main Surge and honestly, I was afraid about their precedent PTR balance where it’s wont recharge your orbs.

Luckily they decided to change it in the next balance due to low performance, so the only thing you need to have in mind is to adapt.

Yeah, you need Lv.3 if you want to be efficient for post-patch.

you can still use surge 1, it just has only 100% damage , 120% at surge 3, still not really worth having surge 3

There is a mixed debate regarding Surge 1 vs Surge 3.

Feel free to check but I won’t argue about it, I’ll wait for the balance patch before giving an opinion on which one is better between Surge 1 and 3 speaking of efficiently.

surge 3 is only a 20% increase in surge damage, which is lackluster compared to anything else really

everyone is going RE in KR since balance patch anyways because it is just too difficult and risky to get 18-20 stacks on a boss that moves around or doesnt give you the window to attack

if you end up only at 10 stacks, you get 1 orb back and you’re stuck regaining your meter the next round and not even getting the chance to try to stack again

what im not understanding is how a playstyle thats less played but more efficient since it requires a bigger skill cap than re got this fat nerfed

Because the damage was higher compared to others. :rofl:

yeah but you require actual skill to do it, its not just spamming buttons liek remaining energy. in dota 2 invoker can deal insane amounts of damage but it requires skills

Sadly, I’m not a developer to understand their decision to nerf Surge.

The only thing I have in mind is adapting to this nerf as long the nerf isn’t huge that will change completely his identity.

they effectively killed surge so everyone plays remaining energy quite simple, there is no scenarios where surge is worth playing. gg was fun playing surge we got fucked

They fixed orb refill? :pleading_face:

“Fixed” Yes, the refill is still there. :eyes:

Are you talking about the old balance or the new one?

Ssshh atleast Surge build will become cheaper. :rofl:

People crying about those nerfs, but they are really needed. I have Mayhem zerker it will be nerfed in total 20% dmg my Sorc around 35%. I felt durning my gameplay that my chars are a too overtuned and those nerfs will not make them weak or something, but imo equal. MVP should be a reward for correct stats and engravings good playstyle not for having overtuned character xd


Yea, but I want to be overpowered /s

Oh PTR orb refill seems to be still non linear and 18 stacks will be 2 orbs refill :frowning: