I'm almost level 50 and only have 2/7 arks?

I realized I don’t like my class at level, 30, but kept going to get 50 and get the powerpass to make leveling my next toon easier…but…Im almost 50 and I’ve moved from zone to zone – just completed annika and I still only have 2/7 arks?
Do I have to have 7/7 arks to get the powerpass and complete the storyline?
Am I doing something wrong here?

To get the powerpass you need to complete North Vern continent storyline, not only be lvl 50.

  1. You must complete the Main Quest (Ealyn’s Gift.). google if you dont find it. once you complete it you will recive the power pass by ingame mail.

but do I need 7/7 arks as well?

Would appreciate someone answering/explaining if the 7/7 arks are required.

Even at the end of our current Tier 3 content, you won’t have all 7 arks yet. So… don’t worry about it.

You will only have 3/7 arks at the end of North Vern.

The Lost Ark story isn’t completed in Korea. We won’t have all 7 arks, that is normal.

Does that mean the story and places like Punikka etc is not finished and therefore cannot go there?

In Russia/Korea there comes South Verne after Punika. And even with finishing South Verne you only have 6 of 7 arks. The 7th Ark is not in the game yet

I had only 2/7 arks when I got my powerpass, I got the third while leveling the powerpass char. The Ark quest is roster bound so you got the same quest in all your chars server wide.