I'm amazed, confused and mindblown


Do you check his character profile ? Wanna see his own build.

Its a meme. The relic sets aren’t even completable yet. He’s not actually expecting all of that.

Seems like a joke :sweat_smile:

Has to be a troll. No shot thats for real lol.
Although i laugh at the 3x argos p1 groups. You can do argos with 1 x 3 lol. I ended up matchmaking my alt with 1x3 1370 and i carried the team to victroy after everyone was dead. I had the least engravings and worst gear. People need to stop with the ridiculous requirements.

He was a 1417 Paladin HAHA


They are farming galewind lol i don’t think it’s a troll party, they are just looking for the fastest possible party so they can farm galewind efficient

I hope it was LMAO

Thats a possibility i guess. I got lucky. I got galewind on day 2 of the patch.

I think its called “sarcasm”

I been farming galewind and only accepting people with good engravigns, i been here for like 60+ runs already (thats why i pick only strong people cuz if i pick 1415 players it would take me 2x the time)

Damn and you havent had it drop once yet or are you farming multiple?

Same hehe

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Not dropped yet, and i never saw anyone from my pt getting it, that means in 60x4=240 runs no galewind if you already got it you are luuuucky :c

You always get the same stuff i mention lol. I cant remember what it was before but you’re at it again lol. Copycat.

Damn, now i feel extra lucky lol. Hopefully it drops for you soon.

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:eyes: :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:

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Damn that’s pain, goodluck tho

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