I'm concerned with this system

I’m here to voice a concern about the amethyst shard system. I’m sure many people will agree with me on this.
I understand that you guys changed the mileage shop to this amethyst shard system as a way for F2P players to be able to obtain EVERY cosmetic in the game without needing to pay, but there’s a few flaws in the system.

1st flaw: There’s not enough ways to get shards in-game. Only through a few achievements and none have been added. Perhaps you guys should’ve added achievements which give these for clearing valtan normal, hard and perhaps in the future hell mode (Inferno mode, sorry) and same for other legion commanders, that would already be a good source of these. You could also add them in the event shops, because right now, the source if these really sucks. You get like 500 a month from amazon prime (Which is not even accessible for F2Ps technically, because it costs money) and there’s twitch drops every now and then.

2nd flaw: The costs in the amethyst shard shop is ridiculous. Whoever came up with those prices was wrong imo. At least considering how limited it is.

3rd flaw: It’s not exactly a flaw, but I think instead of completely removing the mileage shop and changing it for amethyst shards, you should’ve just ADDED the amethyst shards shop and not removed mileage shop.

I’m at 11 500 amethyst shards, did everything available to have that much, and at this rate, it’ll take me another 2-3 months to just buy the nineveh emote pack, and probably another 3 years to buy the mount… Let alone the other emotes, pet emotes, ship skins, it’ll take SEVERAL YEARS. That’s a huge problem that needs to be addressed.

Please add the mileage shop if you’re not doing anything about the shop’s prices or acquisition sources of amethyst shards.

P.S: If those changes are made, I’d love to see more stuff in that shop, like the golden mokoko pet.

Thanks for reading the long post

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factual on all counts

I would love to see roxx or any cm for that matter saying they’re aware, working on a change or will push it forward to the team or something

Or at least aknowledging they’ve seen this post.
This is a matter that doesn’t get enough visibility, compared to other concerns that are literally just impatience (Why 2 months between classes, vykas when, etc)