I'm confused, New Player Be aware


I’m confused with this argument, does it means we get 2 more North Vern Power Passes, or are you reffering to the 2 PP we got when we finished North vern for the first time?
Cuz then, this is a big fat lie, you don’t get em at the “start” of the game, you have to do all story content till North Vern, so be aware “New Players”, to get your “2 North vern Powerpasses at the “start” of the game” first you will need to invest 8-16 hours (Depending on your free time and will) progressing the story till that point. LoL

You get first Powerpass once ur character get to north vern. When you get your second character to north vern you earn the second powerpass by using ur first power pass or knowledge transfer or just by doing main story.
That is probably AGS never played the game and misinform themselves


You mean play the game for the first time? If that’s an investment for you, you shouldn’t play at all.




The game starts in T1 … obviously :rofl:

They will probably make an edit to the post if enough people point it out.

You are a bot owner?

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You need to finish the purple questline about the necromancer and you’ll get the 2 passes iirc.
Use 1 on a fresh character [instant 302 boost] - He’ll receive 1 more in the mail.
Use 2nd pass on 2nd character [instant 302 boost]

The line literally says “every player starts the game with 2 North Vern Powerpasses”
Yes, you do have those passes at the start. The window to use them is not open until you actually play the tutorial of the game and “START” at T1

How do you expect a new player to jump straight to lvl 50 - 255 skill points and guardian raids in the first 10 minutes of the game. Ever played an RPG mate? The tutorial phase is not the start of the game. lvl 1-50 is the prologue area where you actually learn how to do stuff in the game.