I'm creating a new tool

The game doesn’t help newcomers (like myself that doesn’t play it on RU/KR) to understand market patterns and so.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of necklaces, rings, stones, earrings variations dropped on chaos, abyss, raids, etc. So I am open to start to contribute somewhat with support tools…

I’m evaluating a new tool that will help folks to understand better engravings vs stats vs classes.

Sadly, there’s not an public API to have all engraving list and so. I am doing everything “manually”.

The idea is make easy for players to know when a piece of gear can be good for a specific class/build, to help such users to define how profitable a gear set piece can be before add it on the market.

What do you think about such a tool? Is there something like this done by someone?

Any suggestions is very appreciated. My plan is to finish a beta version until next month. The data modeling is done, just need to create now an usable user interface, which for sure will be on web.


Is this a joke?
You might be running into some shit here mate.^^

Personally I think the idea would be cool.

Awesome! This doc also give direction to refine even more the tool.

It offer an intersection between the most popular engravings/stats based on role played.

Also, it offer the best gear piece to have a specific sub-stat. Really cool.

Still, I also want to cover non-popular engravings combos considered for “alternative”, but popular/useful builds, not only canon roles.

I think it would be a good idea. Would help me out for sure!

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Short update folks:

Some smart dev already created a similar tool, but it’s outdated (not includes Glaivier engravings/combos)

In case of curiosity, that’s the link (there’re others very cool tools under this domain): Gear Check - tooki.app

I’ll keep tracking, and continue the development of my tool as a hobby thing.

I’ll report here when I finish.

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