I'm DPS. I make DMG. Me not Mechanic Guy

I didn’t choose a dps class to end as a mechanic hoe.

good troll. GL friend :slight_smile:


Funny cause in every highend PvE content DPS is always the most difficult type of class

Not sure if troll or making fun on the guy who wanted to delete mechanics


I never studied to become a mechanic either but every game I play I get forced to do mechanic stuff and I struggle at it.


Mechanics are always a part of bosses in MMOs.
No matter if you play DPS or support.

Run, run, run. Throw 2 skills. Run, run, run.
Welcome to lost ark’s 15 min endgame content.

A what now?


No need to avoid mechanics, we`ll kill it for you when you die. Dont forget to say “thanks” at the end :wink:

You made a typo mistake, I guess you wanted to say the DPS is the easiest class to play.

i agree it’s other people fault if they don’t use grudge+curseddoll and kill it in 1 min before they start the mechanics

DPS is the easiest to play from casual to hard content. It changes in highend content.

In normal content of all PvE games u can have brain paralysis and only 1 arm and still do totally great as dps. Endcontent changes that massively tho.

In all difficult PvE content DPS classes become the most difficult role to play due to enrages.
You will not clear current games endgame raids even if you’re mechanically decent as dps unless you know your dps rotation/windows inside out and can keep that up during those mechs.

Difficulty iin those games is usually
Meele dps > Ranged dps/mage/support > healer > tank
While for casual content it’s the other way around

Lost Ark for now has only casual content. Still can’t say how tight those endraids are going to be

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If you don’t like mechanics the solution is easy. Go play ArcheAge or something. There are plenty of MMO’s where bosses only deal “slaps” to “tanks” and basically everyone else (DPS) just has to repeat the buttons 1-2-3-4-5-6-Q-E-R.

Gunlancer :wink:

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nope. Had a gunlancer in party yesterday. If you don’t do certain mechanics a party/raid wipe occurs.

yeah but you can just faceroll most of the content as Gunlancer.

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Fully disagree with you. You just need to know your rotation, have a decent knowledge of the fight, and of course having a good opti. And that’s it.

As a healer you need to know your rotation, watch others positions, heal, take care of mechanics and DPS. You also often need to have a deep understanding of the fight (here I am referring to Dpriest as an example).

I cannot really speak for tanking as I am not a fan of it and never really play it at high level.

Most of often it comes done to the complexity of the class whatever if it is healers/DPS.

But saying DPS is the most difficult class to play at endgame, what a joke :rofl:

is it most? i hope so, hope most of it is like argos, no true wipe. true wipes are so annoying.

Aye man you can be whatever you want, just do it away from my party

Nonono, they still need to learn the backhoping.