Im fuming, hard

Like the post says, what compensation will I be given for this horrendous delay? It has ruined my day off completely, Ive been pacing around waiting for the servers to refresh, now they say 11PM? I just cant believe it at this point, please get your act together, allow us raiders to do what we do best and not have to face these SEVERE consequences. May I suggest that you please consider all of the points I have raised previously in my previous sentences that you give us LOTS. Not just the usual una task rewards and some refreshment things for chaos, im talking MOUNTS, GOLD, PETS, SKINS… If you cant give us this, then what are we meant to do? Ps I do love the game, Im just fuming right now. And I am not critising the people who work at the companies as i dont want to make them feel bad.


Excuse me, but I think you must take your toxicity somewhere else, this thread aint about that!

I want proof of markings in the floor :sweat_smile:

I think that you should do the same

lmao your funny

but what’s going on? from a 4 hour maintenance we are fake to a 12 hour problem

Mate indie developer they can’t be blamed they only have a couple of devs and the intern that broke the deployment script

Oh nooooo, I delayed getting on, getting my Weekly Mats, and failing some honings. What will I do? Think of the children :smiley:

I do not say it is smilegate or amazons fault, just that things happen, understandably that delay things.


As the post pinned above says, we will work through a compensation plan once servers are up and running. Right now the priority is getting the game back up and playable before we decide on what that compensation will be.


go watch a movie or maybe get a life bro
They always compensate crystlline aura and stuff, wont be different this time
Just chill, take half day off and stop being a child

I don’t know why when I read the title I recorded majin buu :rofl:

Please dont forget the compensation for the delay of the compensation, Thank You Roxx

Is this a troll post? :rofl:

You always get the same comp… 3 day aura 1 chaos dung. potion

So at least 12x chaos potions, 12x guardian tickets, and 18x+18x una token extra mission+completion tokens, AT LEAST, right?


100% troll post certified.

dont forget x100 pheons xD

I am sure you are laughing your ass off behind the screen about the special people here
kodus for your patience tough