I'm getting gold in the mail

Hello! Im playing in KADAN EUC
I hope some moderator reads this

I don’t know if I’m unlucky or very lucky.
I have received an email in lost ark with 15,000g with the title wire 15000 and content only the message of “1111”
obviously I haven’t bought gold outside of lost ark or anything like that. this is the 2º time happening the same.
so some friends and I have assumed that some big brain has made a mistake in name and is sending me gold.

The first time I kept quiet and didn’t say anything, but it’s already the second time and I’m very afraid that they’ll ban me for no reason, since I’ve put a lot of hours and money into the game (platinum and vanquisher 250h package)

I’ve used the gold but I don’t mind giving back the gems I’ve bought or whatever

Thanks for reading!

Hello @Skateman,

Thank you for reporting that your receiving gold in your in-game mail.

As long as your following Amazon TOS you should not worry about getting any bans.

However this is very odd I would suggest you to report this to our DEV team by creating a ticket by contacting via live chat (Contact Us | Amazon Games )

I hope this information helps!


Thanks, alredy send a ticket!