I'm happy about pursuit of balance patches, but what about QoL?

It’s not like QoL is somehow tied to classes, players progress or skins?

Why do we have to wait so long to get them?
Like front/back markers, chaos from anywhere, completion of daily stuff when changing chars?


I desperately want front/back markers. That would be such a game changer.


Some QOL is coming in May i know the alt thing were u can see all the alts information on dungeons etc are coming


Being able to view daily activity completion, weekly activity completion and the inventory of your alts without switching over to them would be real amazing. Otherwise I’ll have to get a spreadsheet for this soon.


This is supposed to be coming in May

Yeah… lacking QoL… No bueno.
Implement such improvements to the game asap…

i really hate levanos, like i wanna counter him but i have no idea where the fuck is he looking