I'm having problems with the founder package

I’m having problems with the founder package.
I purchased it before release, created my character and played for several hours.
But now that the game launched my friends created the char on another server, because the servers of the founder package do not allow the creation of characters for new players on the South American server Kazeros.
I didn’t identify a way to migrate my personage to the new server.
Even knowing that I would lose all the hours played before the launch, I created a new personage on the South America Server Prideholme to play with friends. But on this new server I was without the Founder’s pack, how should I proceed, because I paid for the pack and couldn’t use it, I tried to refund on Steam but it didn’t release.
I would like to get my founder pack back on this new server, or a refund of the purchase.

I tried to contact Amazon support regarding Lost Ark (https://www.amazongames.com/pt-br/support/lost-ark), but the page does not exist.