I'm I getting it wrong

Argos + Oreha gives you 5 pieces of gear or 6? …want to get all pieces honeable…or should I craft 1 Valtan or Vykas piece?

2 piece argos (incl. Weapon)
4 piece oreha

Remember to buy every chest after every gate.
If u play an entropie class: Argos gear is:

  • weapon
  • 1 armor which Is not the helmet.

So u have ur Argos crit chance set effect 1 week longer.

…so weapon from Argos and not headpiece. Thanks

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If u craft from Argos: weapon + gloves
And from oreha the rest your progression week wise should be

Week 1 valtan + vykass.

  • buy every chest valtan without auction
    =12 valtan bones
  • buy every chest vykass + loot auction chest.
    =17 wings

Craft head valtan + shoulders vykass
=lvl 2 set effect unlocked

Week 2 valtan + vykass

  • buy every chest valtan without auction chest.
    = 14 bones
  • buy every chest vykass + loot auction chest.
    = 24 wings

Craft chest + pants vykass
= lvl 4 set effect unlocked

Week 3

  • Buy every chest in valtan without loot auction chest
    =26 bones
  • only buy chest after gate 3
    = 12 wings

Craft vykass gloves and valtan weapon
Lvl 6 set effect unlocked.

This is the most optimal upgrade path I found,with the best power scaling for more fun.

Cool will give that a go thanks.

Buying all chests. Oreha weapon and 3 armor pieces from both hard gates. Because if you can only clear gate 1 argos at 1400 (4piece chosen) then you get 26 argos blood and thats good for the 2 remaining armor pieces to get full leg gear.