I'm just gonna say it. This is pathetic

Continuing the discussion from Server downtime to remove "Notice: Skill Trees" mails:

Not for a minute i thought “hey this is strange, feels like too many free things” cause the game needs a shitton of pheons for every character. 10 is nothing. I’d get 60. Some people would get 100. Great.

But no, it was too many. Players need to spend their real money to get that level of pheons right? Yeah.

And its not only that! People with enough free time to claim these mails (or who already did), still have enough time to buy some acessories before having their pheons deducted. You won’t give negaive pheons obviously. So on top of taking away some nice thing, you are also benefitting people who abuse early.

Even people with 10, or even 24 characters aren’t exactly getting massive benefits “for free” since every character past 6 required a real money character slot extension…so 240 pheons means 18 character slots bought. Spent more money, got more goodies.

You rubbed 60+ pheons in our faces and took them away. There will be some dogshit compensation within a week probably that won’t even come remotely close to what the reward accidentaly given today entails.
There will be some copy pasted apology like every time.

This is pathetic.

Edit: 5 hours later and the game is back. Apparently whoever spent / claimed their (unintended) free pheons kept them, while everyone else missed out. So to get this straight, you removed pheons from people who couldn’t log in, wasted 5 hours and kept them to whoever exploited early.

You Just couldn’t realistically remove them. We know. You don’t even give negative gold to RMT’ers here in the west, that only happens in RU. Negative pheons? Come on.

This saying has always been true for most games, and it also applies here:
“exploit early, exploit often”

This is truly the game of all time.

Edit: This just dropped.

The truth is that there is no way of pleasing everyone after the whole fiasco. Obviously people who got many pheons are upset, like the people who did not get pheons, were upset about them.

Negative values are a new thing since launch and i wasn’t expecting them to happen, but they did. It looks terrible but i understand the reason they were added this time.

Despite being dissatisfied with people being unable to keep their 10 pheons per character / the whole server maintenance bs, this final response was the best they could do given the whole shitshow. Its the most neutral they could get without giving away even more pheons, which despite being the ideal, will never happen if you know devs and the publishers.

All of that said, saying “you can keep them” and then slapping negative values is very, very bad. People got tricked into spending their pheons in ways they normally wouldn’t, and i don’t think this mistake is coverted by the compensations given. Do better.


Golden opportunity to build good will and loyalty for a nominal freebie and capitalize from a mistake.



lol being elcheapo for 10 pheons.
Proper peasant shit right here.What am I gonna do with 10 pheons?(which I assume its for the tripod update?)
1 good relic tripod is 7 pheon.Oh good they gave 1freeby.Now I just need another 17 tripods which is another 150+ pheons.


It’s almost as if they want to be disliked…

Sure it was pretty obvious this was not intentional from the start but damn… just let it be and accept you made a mistake instead of making everyone dislike you


At least you guys got the pet and the cards, i didnt receive any email lol


They didnt give out a pet.It was cards,pheons,potions.


@Roxx Do you have anything to say about this? Sounds like a pretty dumbshit move from AGS. What is this company? Stingy AF over digital currency? Why should players pay for mistakes made by AGS?


I had to actually come back from my slumber to support this thread because for me it is beyond pathetic. Its like a damn toddler throwing a tantrum because they gave away like what, 5-10$ worth of stuff per account?

What a sad existence of a company they are. I’ll be sure to celebrate if they ever go bankrupt, at least in the gaming department. I’ll even play anything Gameforge releases over AGS…


Not gonna lie, they look like a F’ing loser right now.


So they do an unscheduled maintenance to remove Pheons for their mistake but they dont do an unscheduled maintenance to solve disconnect problem in all regions…


P.S: I’ll wait you in Omega Strikers :wink:


Yes take back then 10 pheon you give for every character and the 1 box of each boxes you give amazing job!! This is cheapo


When players make mistakes, most of the time they get severely punished. When the devs fuck up, they can just backtrack it at any time. What is player goodwill? We don’t need that shit here.


This is such a bad look guys, you cant just give something away, have everyone being very happy about it and then remove it.

This is such a petty move, even if it wasnt intended, you should just let it be.

Ever heard of PR? guess not.


Anyone got idea if we must spent the pheon now before removed?


Most likely they have no means (or simply won’t) give you negative pheons. Our version of the game never even had negative gold, which was known in RU servers.

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it is probably better to just keep it that way instead of removing the ressoures again. This is kinda a mess. Cause you could for instance use these pheons now so that you have 0 and these players would have an advantage that way

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we have a full week full of dcs and instead of compensation us they remove our things lmao


Seeing as you can go negative in other currencies if dev removes it from your account it wouldnt surprise me if you can go negative on pheons as well…

aaaaaand my comment got flagged lul


I dont even need pheons, but you couldnt let people just keep them? Come on man…really?