I'm leaving (1 month has passed)

Is a new player necessarily going to wait 90 days to use the market is completely nonsense


and no help

You have done the right choice


tbf most new player wont have a brand new steam account just to play lost ark


Be careful, 50 people will come and say that you don’t care about new players and we don’t have new players.

So, i assume most of people already have long established steam accounts.
But they are making new accounts, to play MMO games like LOA.
Two reasons.

  1. They are thinking about quitting at some point, and want to sell account
  2. They will RMT/abuse in-game shop with refunds and they don’t want to be VAC banned

Yes, there are fresh steam users.
In like total minority.

Do you think the newcomer plays the game? without using the market

Did you add you phone # to steam 2fa?

I started using steam 1.5 months ago I paid 5$ and steam guard is ok yes

The $5 was on LOA right? Not some other Steam related thing?

I don’t like the arguments in this thread which support this decision. I don’t see them to be correct.

My steam account is couple of years old and I’ve never spent a dime in it, so if I decided to play LA recently, I would be in the same shit like the OP.

You would lose a valuable “white knight” of the game as well as a hardcore f2p.

I doubt I’m in an overwhelming minority, judging by the comments I see around. There are many people who are strictly f2p and don’t mix their pleasure with their finances.

But I could understand the decision if that type of players isn’t exactly their targetted customer type :smiley:

It’s hard to say anything consoling when you keep playing while others are suffering.

It’s also hard to judge the devs/publishers when you don’t know what’s their plan.

It is what it is.

3 months is absolutely nuts.


you havent bought a single game on steam?



F2P all the way.

I’m not much of a gamer, though. Mostly, I played LoL and Hearthstone, sometimes CS.

I was a gamer until 12 years ago when I shifted to online games. Now I’m just a no-lifer.

True, most won’t have brand new steam account. However, it’s for people who want to sell their account after they invest their time and move onto another game although against ToS (especially if you are based in Asia).

It’s pretty rare that anyone playing Lost Ark has never bought anything on Steam.

For the rare exception that you have a brand new or completely F2P Steam account, life sucks and then you either pay 10 bucks or wait 90 days.


My friend got me to play the LA. I have never used Steam before. After more than 30 days I just quit. Sometimes I go into the game but I don’t play like before and soon I will delete the LA.

BP looks nice but I will avoid every amazon services because of experience with LA.


What are you talking about? Who will sell an account after 1-2 months? Are you serious? What you can have after 60 days in game? ilvl 1475? Who want to buy such account?

If you spend real money you can have 1560 after few weeks but then you don’t have trusted status problem BECAUSE YOU SPEND MONEY ON GAME and you have trusted after 72h, and you can sell such account without any problem.

There is no logic in your first point. Probably you took this points from AGS, but I will explain the true reason of it. They force new players to pay money! They want real MONEY! In fact every trusted status per account means 10$ of profit. Every bot has to pay! You got it now or not?

What they means is that almost no one plays on a brand new steam account, but people who plan to resell their accounts in the future tend to do so. The amount of gamers with no existing steam account is very small these days.

Much easier to sell your lost ark account when its the only game you have on that steam… than selling your lost ark account when you have hundreds of games on the steam.

And you will earn 5$ maximum? Deal of a lifetime :smiley:

You will spend 5$ on Steam and wait 90 days for the trusted status.

Botters for trusted status need to spend 10$ on game (and I’m not sure 5$ on Steam, or maybe they don’t need it). It’s 10-15$. They change crystals into gold and sell gold for $.