Im literally tired of this

What the hell is going on with this game. I literally bought this f2p game and I’m not able even to see character selection. There was above 500k active players before f2p release and queues were the same. Is it hard to use math? My aura is running on time and i can’t even pass the queue screen. Also losing connection meanwhile is common. Do something with it asap. This is unreal how 20k queues are existing after the New World incident + LA head start. This isn’t New World and even headstart. This is a game that was online since 2019. Make more servers and increase capacity of servers that existed before the f2p release. I feel like it’s a fkn nightmare to think that we as community are not able to play the game even when it comes out to Europe/NA. This is day 5 and nothing changed since then. Thanks you for that release!