I'm missing my first island token

Went through the first Opher island quest and all my friends have an island token but mine is no where to be found. What can I do?

(I also checked my pet inventory, not there)

You probably have offered it to statues, check your collection, press alt + L and go to island token and check if you have 1 there.
If yes then you are good to go.
When you get island token you have to offer it to statue to count it towards rewards.

So I definitely offered it (which was my first assumption) but it’s not in my collection at all. Which makes me wonder if I offered it during some kind of bugged part of the quest?

But Opher himself is saying 1/91 but it’s still not in my collection… bugging me.

Okay just got another island token and it didn’t show in my collectibles menu, so my collectibles book is definitely bugged.

I lost about 4-5 island tokens i had in my inventory today completely unprompted. I didn’t sell or exchange them for anything, they’re just simply gone.
@Roxx can you look into this please?

I turned in 4 tokens but my first token you get from Opher is not counting for me.