Im not dissapointed but im not happy either

Am i the only person who doesnt care at all about the legendary skins ( i just want my bikini thats all ) and i really did not care about the skins from the Jar i dont mind them being in game or not
And i do know some people consider them P2W i know that but i do not personally

Other thing im really unhappy about is the announcement for honing buff 1370 to 1415 for alts - i be honest im pissed off because u said earlier there wont be any research untill Kakul Saydon comes out - i was like okay i will sell all my materials then - and yes i did sell everything i had literally which was around 1200 Greater Leapstones, 75k Guardians and around 27k Destruction stones

Yes i’ve had tons of gold untill i started upgrading gear quality - this is the worst system in the game where i spend 150k ish gold to upgrade weapon quality from 50 to 71 ( are u kidding me im not even mentioning the process from 1 to 50 because my weapon had 0 quality while crafted ) meanwhile i see tons of screenshots from people having upgrades from 4 to 90 1 to 100 etc this is NOT OKAY to say the least the % chances to upgrade quality above 55,60 is ridiculously LOW and the fact that there is no pity system for this type of stuff is … ( u know what i mean here )

But lets clarify one thing - i only have 3 alts on 1370 and main on 1480 at this point - i dont have more alts because i dislike the gameplay of the other classes and i dont wanna play something i do not enjoy but i love these 4 characters that i have

Summing all this up im annoyed as F that the honing rates from stronghold reasearch havent been announced earlier AND by earlier i mean at the beginning of June where u did first update!..BUT im really excited for Vykas raid coming up and i appriciate the Lost Ark team is actually in contact with their playerbase more or less

Just buy the mats back with the gold earned

Specially now that great leapstones went from 75-80 to 50-55, you just made money.

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All my gold went to the trash after quality upgrading session…

I mean…I agree they said around 24h ago that the buff wasnt a thing and 10h later they said it’s coming and to add more insult to injury they said at the update quote: ‘‘We were too excited to not spoil that one’’ so they knew and Roxx said the buff wasn’t coming? IDK someone at AGS is lying and I don’t know who…I leveled my paladin to 1430 like 3 weeks ago and I knew by then that I wasn’t honning any more alters until the honning buffs.

I personally don’t believe anything AGS says anymore until I see it in game and I recommend you do the same.

For the legendary skin, I think it depends on the class.
My friend play Gunslinger and she thinks the Gunslinger legendary skin is ugly.
But for me, I play Gunlancer, that Thar-looking skin is the best looking skin at least for me, I can careless about the stats, but that skin is about the only skin I will spend real money on.

btw, they said part of the reason they remove the skin is because of stats, it’s completely bull crap, my best guess is, Smilegate and AGS still back and forth negotiating how to implement the legendary skin (Jar).
Jar is a very very profitable feature for them in Lost Ark, consider AGS’s stance, at least on surface, is to keep the game less pay to win. I can totally imagine they been fighting on the Jar for a while. I believe once they reach the agreement they will release it, I will not pay any attention on CM saying they have not thought about how to do it, it’s all PR, they just haven’t reach an agreement.

But the stats diff is what like 0,5% more dps or 1% dps or not even come on people…