Im not mad, but they are messing drops every single time

Bought Bronze, this is my pets roster, they duped the Bronze, gave away another one, and now they are duping twitch drops pets…

Come on.

odd. I have all the packs and all the twitch drops. I didn’t receive duplicates.

I got them just now, change to your alts.

EU Central.

Maybe it is a EU thing. I am on US West. Just checked both main on Mari and Shandi, didn’t receive duplicates.

duplicate stuff is still happening???

This is not a duplicate issue – If you were originally on Europe Central and moved to Europe West, you will re-receive claimed Twitch Drops today on the Europe West region. This was done in order to help players who moved to the new region and left behind their Twitch Drop goodies


i’m on EUC and still got the duplicate rewards, they are also claimable on EUC

Now if we could get Twitch drops for those who were forced to change servers within the region, BEFORE EUW was added…

And maybe actual full copies of Founder’s Packs instead of inferior half-full ones?


Fuck the pets what about all those Amethyst shards I must’ve watched Hundreds of hours of the top streamers Ive been sat at 6k Crystals (5k from Achievements and 1k from twitch) since the end of the 3 days head start not gotten any since then.