I'm not trying to tell you how to do things, but stop

Please for the love of Blackfang stop posting stupid videos of guides on progression until you release the f’ing roadmap. It’s very insulting to the majority of your audience. The next tweet I see from Lost Ark that isn’t related to bugs/server problems better be the roadmap.

Just asking for a friend… OR what?

or else he’s gonna do IT

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I actualy laught at these didnt évent looked at it. Read the title “5 Best tip” then i stopped and posted a meme of someone swipping their card writting tips 1 to 5 *

But yeah i do agree, unless its bug related the next tweet i wanna see from ags is thé roadmap

WE uninstall :rofl:

Yeah uninstall lol

So do it already, save yourself tears

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