I'm overwhelmed

I paid for this game and bought it. I can’t login to the game absurdly, I’m expecting 20 thousand people why do I have to wait for so many people to get into the game? why did I buy premium ?
you should bring a different queue for premium players i only have to wait in line for 6 hours to play the game. bullshit!


You’re not the only one who has paid money. If everyone who paid money were in their own queue, there would still be a queue. The game is free, so you didn’t buy the game. You bought some virtual stuff and a month’s subscription.

you deserve your name.

Yes, we’ve already had five thousand of these threads. Just add a comment to one of them instead of creating another rage dump topic.

There are a million threads like this already. You could just post your complaint there instead of starting a new thread. Insulting me only makes you look even dumber.

what makes you think I insulted you

By not giving me a proper answer relating to the thread you just created.