Im proud of AGS on how they handled the pheon exploit

Those who claimed all the extra pheons will no longer have any benefit over those who didnt.

I am super proud of you guys rethinking your decision and handling it in the most fair way possible.

You guys rock!

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Any long term mmo player figured this would had been their first course of action, but alas they came to this conclusion and i feel the majority is happy with their decision.

Can’t agree on that.
People who spent real money for characterslots had any right to claim that if it was the fault on the side of the developer - which it was. Punishing people as a consequence they supported the game is the worst move you can do. Ofc you can argue whether it was a mistake etc., but with good will you still got fked.

Not sure I am going to spend any more money on the game - this is a precedent that is likely to happen with any other items again.

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I am one of those players spent money on extra character slots, but wasnt online to claim the mail. I find the decision fair.


Those that used the pheons still got whatever they used the pheons on. Its not like they just took back your items.

Plus we all know those that claimed all of them within an hour and spent them was doing so to avoid them being taken back.

And yall would had gotten away with it, if it wasnt for us pesky kids.

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Nice to see they blowing up all the threads and posts not telling them how great it was lol…

Tbey lied and let people who didnt spend the pheons a full day to use them before doing the uno reverse card and taking them anyway right on a new class release to milk people for money!

I got 90 and didnt spend so im not effected but its a slimely choice to trick people into going negative just to force them to buy more pheons as you cant use the market if you went negative lol…

This is poor communication and poor handling of the situation overall…ofc the people who didnt have alot of alts are glad to poke fun at the people who did and the peopel who did are mad they was lied too…im in the middle and its still a trash move on there part to milk the playerbase for more money!

The oheons shoulsnt of been able to go below -30 so then peopel who spent would just be at 0 now and people who didnt get much would be at +30 so i donno the situation was handled so badly and on top of that severs still dc’ing people so its clear were the time was put in.