I'm really curious if

The CM’s will ever respond to the region pricing woes in SA. I’m not from there but I’ve noticed quite a few posts about it and I can imagine its gotta be pretty crappy to not have prices adjusted for the local currency value.

Every post is just ignored it seems. Trying to help.


but it is converted. 100 usd is around 500 BRL and thats how much they pay for the big RC pack


based on my calculation in previous thread, in argentina considering minimum wage and international taxes, the us$99 12k rc pack should be only like usd$10 equivalent in argentina (SA).
so basically people in SA is paying 10x more expensive for rc pack than people in the USA.
I really hope ags can give regional pricing for them.

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they did, they said they cant change them at this time.

I noticed it as well. You can ‘survive’ without blue crystals until you need pheons.

The thing that jumped out at me was the pic of only four people actually selling crystals. That’s absurd.

Best bandaid fix would probably be to inject some free blue crystals and/or pheons into their economy immediately and make a decision about merging them if they’re not going to regionalize prices.

I see so many entitled pieces of (work) posting here on a daily basis, complaining about the dumbest things because they’re bad at the game. This is quite different and AGS should do something about it immediately.

There will be people who abuse regional pricing by switching their location and then buying cheap royal crystals, because that’s a cross region currency (account wide)

Maybe AGS judged that it will be a bigger loss or they are too lazy to do anything or for whatever reason they have, they don’t do anything and now SA is suffering.

I kinda feel with you guys, as an EUW player myself

Quite different, how?

The solution is already there for them.

More people to spend money and get Royal Crystals and exchange, then that lowers BC prices.

Why should AGS/Smilegate listen and adapt to a bunch of people who are proud at not willing to pay anything?

Bro stop going to every SA post and shaming people for not spending their income in this game. Seriously stop lmfao

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If the Royal Crystal packs would cost
100$, 200$, 500$ and 1000$ for the 12.000 Crystal pack, I doubt there will be many people who spend that money to exchange

100$ for 1000 crystals, to get 8k gold? Would you pay that?

I haven’t asked these people to stop posting their doomer threads and BC prices and Pheon complains either.

Why should you tell me to do so?

Because they are talking about an ongoing problem since there is no regional pricing for SA. All you do is telling people to pay. 12000 rcs are here in turkey, 2/3 of my rent. Why the fuck would I pay? Why the fuck would they.

There is no regional pricing for Canada either.


Bro you are a sad excuse I wonder why I start talking to you when I knew you were a bullheaded selfish person I wonder. Not every country’s economy is the same or even come close

The same selfish people complained that Legendary Skins were too pricey for them and got them removed from the game.

I fail to see any difference except the positions are now reversed.

Probably an issue that AGS should have worked out before releasing SA. Its definitely hard to get around some of the grey areas as a publisher in another country, and exploitation will always be a thing with localized pricing, but there are alot of moving parts that make lowering the price difficult.

Either way, I hope something gets figured out for them because I imagine this sucks.

its not exploitation though. l’m just trying to pay the same fair low price as the other people. its no different from making people of color pay more just because they’re people of color or in this case, a different country

Other people would be exploiting

Then someone with alot more money than you and less of a concern for your server makes an account, buys hundreds of thousands of blue crystals and manipulates the market and then we are right back where we started.

you really are disgusting, no one is asking for free stuff, we don’t want anything for free and you are not understanding any of the claims that have been made. we only ask for fair prices, I would have no problem buying real crystals every month but if that means spending weeks of my work just to buy crystals in a game I’m not going to do it. the exchange rate is so ridiculous that not even the whales in the region want to buy crystals, even many have resorted to RMT and many have been banned because of that, the RMT is not only the fault of the bots, but the uncompetitive prices of the RC’s. why invest $100 in the game if I can get %20+ from third parties?