I'm saddened to say this but nothing has done to help EUC

I’m a very optimistic person, I prefer to look positive as much as I can, more if it’s something I like and enjoy.

But this optimistic view is fading.


CLONING, no BS, no crystaline aura, no pets, no mounts. WE NEED OUR SUFF. clean as the sun. simple as it seems and it is.

Sorry for caps but I hope I’ve been clear.

I still have some faith in AGS, mostly because the game is a gem, and, well… how to remain polite you are soiling it? is it not offensive? well, I hope so.

CLONE THE FRAKING SERVERS AND LET US MOVE. Call it Neria 2, Kadan 2, we don’t care, JUST DO IT


They can’t. So there’s that.
And even if they cloned the server over, do you realise how much it would break?
Your Roster stuff is on the Regional server, as you can access it from any server in a region.
it would be more akin to an amputation than a transplant.

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There is no miraculous fix. We have to wait until less players want to play the game. Take a break for few weeks and when you return all your stuff will be waiting for you.

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I agree, but is it not crazy that AGS seem to be waiting for people to lose interest in the game, or to get so frustrated they quit… actually sad.

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No, they just drove themself into a corner by not planning well when they had all the data they needed. Imagine if a Amazon Suit got a hold of the numbers of potential customers/revenue lost because another lower level “suit” wanted to save money and time with this kind of planning.

They introduced EU-West to give players chance to play. That’s likely the only fix they are able to deliver. You can be sure they aren’t happy being unable to earn money from quitting people, but not much choice with current limitations.

I’m sad too, because the game is amazing and I’m well and truly taken by it, it’s been so long since I played a good MMO I forgot what it was like.
But the last few days have been so horribly unfun, it’s just frustrating.
Maybe the only solution is waiting a couple weeks for people to quit the game, I don’t really want to see that either, but a lot of people are going to be pushed away no doubt.

Well maybe if AGS completely ignores EU the only solution is to storm NA servers where streamers play to give them much needed kick to the ass so they start moving. Otherwise we can really only wait till ppl get bored of this crap and leave so servers can handle the remaining ppl.

and while you are saying that, don’t you feel even more sad?
Waiting for pepole to move on, to stop playing


It’s against every rule, for us player that love the game, game health is really important!
For the Devs, so, don’t you like money?

That’s foolish

Btw i do agree with you, but NOT with the “wait for people to stop playing” that’s crazy (and that’s their plan it seems)

That’s exactly what I mean friend, I don’t want to see people quitting the game because of this either.

Give it up, its been over a week - just move already, you should have nothing too important on existing servers that are overloaded. I gave up my twitch drops, founders things you dont get again (only get a limited selection of the items on moving) but whatever, not exactly a year in to the game. I would much rather play without queues and with a working matchmaking system as I am now.

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Good for you!
But some of us are not willing to FF all money spent, and nor should we. Amazon should give full redeems of every penny spent and close down EUC to new players to insentivise people to move.

People being forced to move and then ultimately use money in the stores again is a straight up scam

People are going to leave anyway, with Elden Ring coming along on Friday, which is like a new mega-shiny. It’s not like people are paying to play LA, so they will go and play Elden Ring as the new uber-hype with their friends and then come back to LA later.