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About the Black Friday deal and the fact the fur skins behind the $100 bundle.

Skins are subjective and to me personally if we had every skin KR had i would never buy them or even look at them twice, keep your head up PEOPLE i know some of you want these skins but cant afford them with gold or $$$ they are BETTER skins coming

Next in the roadmap we are getting these skins

It says only Pajama 로스트아크 - 2021 2nd 네리아의 드레스룸
But it’s also winter season so we might get both.

You can mix, match and dye with pre existing skins to your tastes

We are also probably getting these skins.



BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE February 2022 is our anniversary more SKINS

2 years maybe even 3 years worth (Copium) of anniversary skins.

I know I said skins are subjective but we can ALL AGREE the 2nd, 3rd and 4th year are all better than the 1st year and won’t cost anywhere as much.

After the 1st year anniversary, things changed following anniversary skins were given out for free and priced reasonably, so even if we don’t get them for free, they will be priced reasonably, no $100 bundles to get the skin you want.


unless im doing math wrong , literally every bundle your showing is being sold at between 58- 69 dollar range which would require you to buy 100 RC in general for all the items.

except think the winter holiday ones which are coming in very cheap at 30ish ?? maybe.

Last time i saw a streamer talk about those free skins he pretty much said they really were not free they got them after buying like 2x packs or something of other skins and as a reward they got those, he could be thinking about a different one when the question was answered but nothing was free he had said lol

People malding (for good reason) about skins locked behind a 100$ paywall. Just be glad you aren’t rolling thousands into a Yoz Jar for it :rofl:

that would have been funny to watch having Yoz Jar come out as it works in KR

Bro, the biggest issue is the crap inside of it to increase the price. Skins should be seperate at all times.

100% agree

The bundled “sale” is a Black Friday gift for AGS/SG not you.


Thats are KR prices, just remove a zero and even then they will be priced differently when they come to NA

KR had to pay substantially more for the Black anniversary skin as comparison


yeah thats what im going off is the price if i was to take the exact RC without the extra 0 into our currency

Someone should let KR know they got ripped off

The 4th year anniversary they were given one for free and if they wanted more can purchase in cash shop

We were both ripped off, I saw RU cash shop the skin is in there for around $5-$15

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A acceptable price (in RU)

We’re paying for a basic in-game asset that likely took a graphics team an hour to whip up…

They should never (in any game) be hundreds of dollars.

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Same thing as metaverse economy then. Why would companies decide to go into metaverse to start selling their products as digital asset? and if it’s too expensive, then don’t buy. Simple as that.

Because people like to give money to companies to buy stuff they don’t own

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