Im sick of this

thats how every game looks, Im tired of this…
that 0/3/4 was a paladin who queued with me twice in a row = 2 loses even tough I told him to stop playing ranked

and you know whats funny ? I called this

I will stay below 1000 forever

I had no idea somebody actually plays arenas.
But with tomorrow’s patch, you can add some bots in your team :slight_smile:

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yesterday, I matched my garbage teammates in and quit the game.

The only remedy on bad luck is playing alot of games cause statisticaly you will get same amount of bad comps like good comps. If you got few games there is posibility that your rank can be lower then your real skills or bigger becouse of luck.

The system is not at fault in this case. Mostly you were the problem because you ruined your mmr before “mastering” the class. Never train with a class in ranked arena. This is available for every game.

What can you do from where you are ? I see damage is very good and damage taken is ok for a melee class. If you are range damage taken is below average.

With the stats that you have you will mostlikely go up if you do same damage done taken every game.

If you can’t escape with that class you can choose the noob stomper classes to go up. Those are

  1. Berserker noob stomper
  2. Destroyer op class
  3. Artilerist noob stomper
  4. Deathblade op class

nothing I can do
artilerist with abit of brain + support in enemy team = lose

I’ve stopped rank pvp for this. I used to finish my game with 700k damage and still lose :smiley: I’m not a pro player so I can’t really carry totally my team 1v3

kind of example

Quite toxic to write others to stop playing ranked. No worries you will win your points back if you play ranked another day again

No but like, people who are hardstuck below 1000 or on their way there should legitimately stop playing ranked and go learn the fundamentals better in normal. This is for their own good as much as others in the queue; if they don’t stop queueing into ranked with no clue about the basics, they’re never going to get into a reward tier this season since they’ll be stomped out by their own 555 bronze teammates.

-Edit- just wanna add that most people don’t even know placement games are a thing, and that the first 10 are +48 or -48 for win/loss

Artilerist’s my rule is just stay out of sight of them. because their weapons reach is longer then any other class. Why people run in to try to kill them is beyond me. If you can get behind them thats another story.

Artils that camp in front of your respawn point is just death upon death. It is the one class I hate to fight. Besides then 2 of arcan, sorcs, bards. Once they get ahold of you they just pile all that crap on till your death and nothing you can do about it.

You can jump him on classes tha tare imune to stun for a shortwhile. If you make him waste his stun and eat his shield he is the weakest class in game. He is defenetly not an op class but many don’t know how to counter him. Allways have a stun/freeze ready for him if he stuns a mate.

He is defenetly a camper, very dangerous with some combinations. Same as destroyer.

arti is a good noob stomper, he has easy to land 70% max hp combo.
you need hard cc to interrupt it and on lower ranks people rarely peel, and if they do they can even run in and get hit by the combo. Save hard CC to peel arti stun and your winrate against them will improve.

Arti with a bard as team mate is GG, even the crappiest of bards. It’s not surprising 7/10 are support (pala or bard), the worse thing about this game is that the players aren’t good by any means yet gets carried by their class.

Hell people queue for TDM but can’t team play for shit, but they won’t play elimination either because unless it’s 2v1 in their favor they’ll get their asses handed to them big time.

/end rant…

Yeah i’m a troll, wow.

Remind me Tal, how much account did you do ?

I guess being called a troll by the toxicity of this forum that got banned, is a good thing.
And even when you try to defend someone, you can’t do it without spitting on him xD

Do a sketch on youtube please, i promise i’ll put a like.

I am just honest, I know who I pick on believe me
you are the one coming here personaly insulting someone without giving any argument (its deleted now since mods are fast… hopefully next time its a little ban for you too)

ofc any 2v1 is op combo, but when you have 2v2 who gives a crap that arti gonna catch you if your bard/pala will raps/godsend and you take 10k dmg and arti wasts 6 skills.

u told him to stop playing and he didnt do it? how could he! now if i may suggest, stop playing.

these people in this forum are something else