Im so confused right now (Berserker Technique)

So i made a berserk alt just to try it out, spent like 2 hrs over trixion and was really enjoying BT berserker, went to watch some guides and i notice they were playing a different version, in trixion whenever i transform i get +20% move & attack speed plus +32% crit chance, yet the patch notes say “While bursting, Crit Damage +16/25/36%. Negates Exhaustion after Burst ends” and the engraving description ingame says “While bursting, Damage +16/25/36%. Negates Exhaustion after Burst ends”. This is from server Arthenite (SA), i know translations are terrible for SA but common, make up your mind and also let me test the current version over trixion so i can figure out a proper build.

Well i dont know what to tell you.

Last class balance changes ( not 2023 balance changes) BT zerk engraving changed from giving crit damage to just damage. This is old news

Try looking for a more up to date guide next time or just use the community guide

Apparently while entering trixion you get a very old version for some reason

The ones on the balance update should be accurate, there are a bunch of errors in game though…

It’s probably the patch being half broken, don’t worry. Needs a fix.