Im so exhausted and people saying "no contents", "pls release new classes"

i dont understand people which say that. i have 11 classes and i feel so exhausted to do with them every day chaos dungeons, guardian raids, every week abyss dungeons + to use my energy for gathering. i dont even have time to quest anymore, to get my main to t3 or the alts to t2. and thats take my motivation to keep playing the game. because it feels more like working than playing / having fun.

im not even talking about to complete adventure books, mokoko seeds, achievements and many other things, what this game is offering. people which say they dont have anything to do or want new classes, clearly just dont know how to play and dont play all classes. i just have 2 characters at t2 and for now im working to get 3 other characters to t2.



maybe…don’t feel forced to play every single character every single day?

Edit: and also, many peoples Main’s have yet to be released and they’re forced to go deeper and deeper in progression on an alt

Double Edit: “People who don’t play every single class don’t know how to play the game properly” <—Playing the game properly = not enjoying the game and hating life when you play? Sweet happy to play wrong then


Not everyone like to torture themself with boring stuff OP also allot of people still not have their favorite class released yet that they want to play and enjoy the game with.


You may feel exhausted. Other’s don’t. Western release is missing so much content, it’s not funny.

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95% of the T3 content is missing. and that litle they released they did it in the wrong order with missing stuff lol


In my opinion is that the game gives SO much if you want to. But the best thing is to play the way you want and that feels healthy and fun. I personally play a main and a support off class. I got time to do whatever i want and i enjoy every second of it. Remember that is a long race, not a short one.

Is not about playing all the classes but more about playing one you like so much and is not released yet. I mean is pretty obvious

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Nah dude, he needs at least 10 more characters. He’ll keep up then!

I just noticed his last sentence lol its a gem

there is two types of players:

those that see CONTENT as everything in the game
those that see CONTENT as endgame raiding. period.

those that do adventure books, islands, collectibles and stuff, they have so much to do they won’t even find time to complain.
those that are here only for raiding and don’t care about anything else are those that complain. and if you focus solely on raiding (or doing “endgame activities”), there really is not much to do.

thats it.

I’m that one guy with 4 Gunlancers

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Im both…

I like doing site content and collecting stuff.
but the Endgame progression is the most important for me. if thats bad i lose the will to even do the side content.

Its not as Black and White you make it out to be.