I'm Sorry but.. please not a week

Please clarify when you will make the update so we can have our Premium Paid Crystal aura and access to the markets-place again.

It is not acceptable that your only response is that your working on a patch that will be updated NEXT WEEK! I don’t accept that, and i’m sure there’s more like me…

I want to enjoy this game, but without my benefits I paid for I cannot play as the issue keeps spitting me in the face when I try to use Bifrost or pet abilities, not to mention the energy tick that’s lacking

I’ll be behind me friends when you fix it in next week and i’dd rather quit than stay by then

Hello @MoUa,

I’m really sorry about this situation with the Crystal Aura.

Unfortunately, at this moment the only option that we have it’s to wait while this its being investigated, but something that I can totally guarantee you is that everyone in our devs team are working non stop to resolve this situation.

We certainly appreciate your patience with this matter and as soon as we have an update with this I will let you know.

Best Regards,
Greenvcs :leaves: