I'm sorry to be that kind of guy... But the roadmap

Thank you for the patch note, Pvp Vendor Pog, more mats with Casual Guardian and Grand Prix Pog. I’m glad we get a little more communication it feel great!

But I really need that roadmap, I guess not everyone care enough to get one, but personally I wanna know when my class Arcana will release (can’t trust leaks) or if an honing buff will happen or not, I don’t care if it does I just wanna know since I’m saving mats for now 2 weeks.

What I don’t understand is why it take so long, since it got “leaked” it was already “done”, and since the leak they decided to rework it to fit our expectations with faster releases. It just feel like a long time.

I’m sure some other people will complain like me and post the same kind of thread, I don’t mean to be annoying, just waiting, doing the same content everyday and I love it, just bored because I cannot do it with Arcana.


What so special about arcana?:stuck_out_tongue:

It used to be my main class and I plan to make her my main again.

We know the road map won’t come this week, we know that it will come soon™.

Don’t know why we needed a new “road map pls” thread.

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It take way too long. Like every single communication with ASG it’s always “soon™” and it is frustrating

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“or if an honing buff will happen or not, I don’t care if it does I just wanna know since I’m saving mats for now 2 weeks.”

You don’t think it’s fair that information regarding honing rates should be released or requested? I know personally, if I had the discipline to hold onto my mats before I tried to push, I’d like some indication as to how long I needed to hold onto those mats for. Even if it were something like “I know information was leaked that we were tweaking the honing rates and costs, but it’s not true.” would be better than keeping people in the dark.

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Did I say that somewhere?

I just said we don’t need a new thread about the same topic every 10minutes.
Theres enough “give road map” threads.

Today I was more than usually login on the forum and I see a lot of people complaining about other stuff. The “very 10 minutes” seems a little bit harsh :slight_smile: Let me complain for once and give my personal feedback :+1:

Who’s “we”? Last I checked you didn’t speak for myself. It’s a feedback forum. Gengarxw is giving feedback. Last I checked, the more feedback given on a specific topic, the more awareness is raised. The more awareness raised, the better the chance of something happening.

Just to add something on the topic! When a topic is over used and multiple people talk about the same thing, moderators delete the posts to only keep the most relevant one if it happen.

Yeah i saw them say the roadmap would be this last week and its still nowhere to be found :frowning:

But lets be real tomorrows patch frickin ROCKS

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They said they’d release it when their in-office collab with Smilegate ended, but didn’t specify when that would be. If I had to guess we’ll either see it on Friday, or this time next week. That said, I’ll happily take being wrong if we get it today. Maybe @Roxx can clarify it, but that’s unlikely.

EDIT: that being said, honing rates come around the same time Valtan does for other regions, which - based on what was announced prior to the release in the West - is coming in April sometime.


Roxx posted this a couple of minutes ago on a similar topic as mine, finger cross


We’ll just have to wait for this one. The roadmap is estimated to drop in 2 weeks’ time, I think including this week as well. Maybe it will feel like it was worth the wait. :slight_smile:
Let’s see.

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