I'm suddenly curious,,, Can't you guys just come into your game and take a look?

I’m just really curious all of the sudden… if they could just use their 5 hours of shift into playing this game rn. They can obviously see which ones bot or not.

From this point, I figured out if you don’t block the way for the bots to come. Banning shit tons of bots is useless. You have to destroy the bridge. Stop them from coming, block them, block new players. block players who have been reported significantly(Everyone go ahead and ban people you see who seems like RMT)

Can you give us an option to report RMTers also?

According the the CMs here today, their team plays on US West. They’re well aware. They just aren’t able to do anything that actually works and for some reason they refuse to punish RMT enjoyers. They claim it’s TOS and you’ll have a high chance of being banned. 600k + bots says otherwise.

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