I'm sure glad I opened my book chest to sell... New 20 Limit register Is terrible

Thanks for costing me money.

Everyone knows the first hours and day Is the most crucial to make good money on the new class.

And now I can’t post anything anymore since I already hit the limit.
I swear to god, this limit Is the single handed dumbest thing you guys have ever done.

Even before with max 10 register items (gear) that alone was pretty shit.

And now It’s 20 TOTAL on Market and Auction House.



I did the same thing, i think anyone with a brain saves up to sell on patch day. I didnt even get to sell anything i got from my summoner or the new mats. Im broke but have 100’s of items to sell to make the gold and can’t. This feels so bad. I have raid tonight and cant finish my character b/c of this change unless i buy gold to finish honeing.

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