Im T3 this is a single player game

As the title says im T3 this game is single player, if your a wow player and you want to raid two nights a week with your friends prob should quit this game. Yes everything in this game is harder than wow but its a single player game which is just trash. T3 is boring AF there is nothing to do besides dailies, im not sure what else to say other than its a single player game go back to doing the grind in wow because at least 2x per week youll be in disc with friends.


Do you trolls not get tired of saying idiotic garbage?


im not a troll buddy but thanks for responding instantly to get likes

K, have fun playing another game. :clown_face:


Damn, thats crazy. Who asked tho?


i mean i probably will so will many others have fun failing upgrades are you t3 yet or is the .5% commenting on my post

i dunno who asked you ?

why cant you do questing? and learn the story? its fun.

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theres many ways to enjoy the game then just upgrading your gear.


ok so you are in t1 still please refrain from posting unless you put in the work to get to end game

Dude’s addicted to progressium, so he just wants that and everything else is trash for him.


i have a right to post in here and be involved in the community just same as you :slight_smile:

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actually i just want to play with my friends

You can do that, you tou are clearly not, so it’s a you problem again.


ok so post on a topic you have experience on

i think ill take the reply option to your post :slight_smile: thats what i feel like doing tonight


because there is nothing else to do in game?

i can name 1 thing else to do in this game out of many

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trust me get T3, its a single player game ill bet people still match make the raid zero community