I'm tapping out (Edited)

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I know I’ll get roasted for posting this, but it is the feedback section so I’ll talk about my issues and move on.

All of my real life friends have quit.
Edit: Most of them expressed that the delay, botting issues, and not wanting to possibly wait multiple months for their preferred class to release were the main issues they Quit. None have returned yet.

My guild leadership hasn’t logged in for nearly a week now and people are quitting.
(this is the 3rd guild I’ve been in that has dissolved)
Edit: More than a few expressed their concerns before quitting, some left and haven’t come back (added to friends list), some left their characters in the guild and hadn’t logged back in.

Classes should be released at the same time instead of being drip fed.
Edit: My perspective is that classes are the vehicles that we experience and play through the content with. I can’t really think of a good analogy for this, but imagine you like to hike, would you rather hike in hiking boots or dress shoes?
The class you play as can directly affect your enjoyment of the content.

Skins are being drip fed.
Edit: I think it would be good for them to release 15-20 skins of various “themes” or styles to give us a good “amount?” to work with and mix and match. They would have to be multi piece of course to allow for mixing and matching. I think that would hold players off even if they followed the current pace. we lack a good amount of variety right now.

No word for the honing buff.
Edit: The buff helps with player progression pacing. I think getting players to Valtan quicker and easier is important as statistically player retention goes up when people get to Valtan. The new player experience sucks right now imo.

No powerpass with destroyer.
Edit: I could write a light novel on this one. Basically the other regions got a power pass with each class release. Our region’s content is releasing faster, we have less time to stockpile honing materials, silver, gold, etc. than the other regions did. Rosters are important and being able to main swap easier is good for player retention vs having to struggle it out imo.

No paid power pass.
Edit: Alternative to not getting one per class with each class release.

No Mokoko skin with destroyer.
Edit: Mokoko skin and destroyer go together like peanut butter and jelly. I think it’s a missed opportunity for AGS/SMG to meme along with the community.

Edit 2: This is a great summary of why no mokoko skin is a missed opportunity.
“to anyone who thinks that not getting a mokoko skin for Destro release is irrelevant or pointless, please look up some destro memes and vods. every one i have seen has had every destro in a mokoko skin. it is kind of a large part of the class’s community.”

Our content releases are faster than any other region, but they think that powerpasses and/or events with each class release is too fast. Even though we have less time than other regions to prep for newer content/classes.
Edit: Touched a bit on this one already. A little redundant.

Next level of stronghold honing buffs are being withheld.
Edit: Helps with player progression pacing, probably doesn’t need to be here.

Communication is still ass.
Edit: It’s not how frequently they post, but what the posts contain. KR does a much better job at marketing, AGS should hire someone to “copy paste” the KR marketing websites/posts, translate them, then release it here.

Bots were over half the playerbase…
Edit: Huge number no doubt, but this isn’t confirmed on my part, seems likely to me though.

(and people thought 100k+ bot estimations were exaggerated lol)
que times are ridiculous when the bots ramp up to full power.
Edit: Que times were ridiculous for a while, sometimes I’d have to wait for 2+ hours, I don’t have all day to be waiting around I’ve got stuff to do. Many people experienced far worse que times.

We got this gem in the official news section regarding the bot issue.
“Permanently banned several million accounts that participated in botting, hacking, or gold selling.”
Edit: Botting is big issue [caveman nod]
This just looks like a yikes. I honestly have no idea what they should do and don’t pretend for a minute that I have any clue. They are working on this however, hopefully it goes well.

People offer up free advice on how to make the game better and voice their concerns
(myself included), we pretty much get ignored.
Edit: I can’t really speak for anyone else, but this sentiment is shared by many.
A little follow up on some issues might help with this. The standard “we’ll relay this to the dev team” leaves a bad taste. They have a lot on their plates, I’d like to think it’s mostly a passion for the game that ticks people the most.

I probably have a few more issues with the game, but these are the ones that come to mind

This is most likely a sentiment held by most of the people who have left.

TLDR: I have a bunch of issues with how the game is being handled, my friends have quit, guild is falling apart for the 3rd time, and I’m quitting.
Edit: Still active on the forums because I love the game, have played on different regions, and want the game to do outstanding and last for many many years here.
After chatting with many people, I might jump back into the game and just take it steady, I was frustrated when I originally made the post and felt like dropping the “I’m quitting, here’s why” post illustrated how serious I was.

Feed me with your hate :slight_smile:
Edit: Love the support, y’all are awesome, no need for sappy-ness but it’s true.
I love the challenging discussions I’ve had with many people, it has given me a lot to think about, helped me to see different perspectives, and I’ve gotten to see and hear about tons of people’s passion for the game.


It’s ok, it’s your choice


No no. Youre right. I may not be quitting, but these are legitimate issues. I hope you find a new fun game to play! Wish you the best fam


By now to quit the game is the only reasonable choice.
I think most people going to Valtan are gaming addicts (in the medical sense, any with 800-1000 hours here qualify - me included) and players heavily doing RMT (or both).

Go in peace, to quit is an enlightenment.


All real concerns that are justified imo, rather than most ridiculous claims made here these I can agree with. Enjoy your freedom.


It’s so simple, if you have no fun playing the game, just stop it. Come back later if you want to revisit it. No one wants you to play a game wich is no fun for you.

So stop playing and start having fun again that what gaming is about! :grin::+1:


This and bots is literally the only playerbase left.
it’s just like New World was trying to function after the 4month period for another 3-4months only with people completely overdosing on copium lol
People invested waay too much time and sacrifices to stop.
Also Lost Ark feels like a fantastic “reason to life” for some I guess.
You get to do your dailies, on all of your alts.

It’s like the job and real life responsibility you should’ve have.
But you don’t.
So you live Lost Ark :rofl: :partying_face:


I think you are right with nearly or anything you say :+1:

I chose the "lazy? way - got 6 chars with 4 being 1310-1340, 1 980ish and 1 360ish.

I played KR extensively and thought I make a slow start cause it is not worth spending money or to much time into the game at of now.

I hope they realize what is going “wrong” and make more events and so on to compensate our way faster progress.

No matter how I wish you all the best be it in gaming or real life, stay healthy and enjoy whatever you do :+1:


I feel happy for you dude, this game sucks and its original creator has gone too. It’s a good call to stop supporting this game in any way it could be. And plz remember that any future game relating to AGS is something every player has to escape from cuz AGS could make any game a disaster.


Maybe your guild members just don’t want to play with you, so they rather play on their alts :joy: Bye Felicia


Only thing you should tap out is that +20 wep my friend. Rise and grind. Rise and grind

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Idk the issue with classes. But other games like black desert took years to catch up.

Skins are comming nerias wordrobe will give us a few more. I used to be upset about this but itll get better with time. Not everything needs to be now. Especially since they have bigger things to work on. Last thing id want is skins tbh.

Hone buffs and your powerpass complaint makes your quit message look entitled.
It reads like this to me.

  • no boost i quit
  • no boost i quit
  • no boost i quit

Its your fault that you used a pass on glave or another character instead of destroyer. So tbh idk what ypur complaining about they gave you a free boost.

Honestly you’re like the wow quitters. Nobody cares your quitting. We all know youll be back when valtan drops or when the game gets “easier”. So see you in a few months, im sure youll be complaining on here about how its unfair you quit and cant catchup.


I feed you with luck. Good luck with your future endeavors. :smile:


I doubt any of this has much to do with player retention.

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They banned 1 million accounts this is true, but do you know that bot owner is not makin those accounts, or not loogin in after ban manually ? This if full automated process? Dunno u stopped in earlies 2000’ ? With technology progression or what ? Do you think people who write those program are dumb ? They always will be better than Devs and always find a way to break game shield.


damn bro hope they get greedy out of their minds and try harder to make this a legendary game

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Bye? Feel free to keep wasting your time on the forums I guess, sounds like it beats playing for you. Side note I’d love to keep track of these wah wah threads and see how many people are playing a week later. “Oh I meant I quit til Valtan, I’ll give the game this oooonneee last chance”

No hate though! (But really nobody will notice since your guild is already gone)


It’s def your choice to play or not. Sorry to hear that your friends stopped playing and you are in a dead guild, it is a very common issue.

May I ask what server you are on as there are many active guilds on the servers you could check the recruiting forums for active guilds as well?

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best thing to do
games are meant for Fun if you aren’t having fun then it makes zero sense to carry on with playing it

best luck to you on your next gaming adventure

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Don’t worry bro soon enough i’m out the door aswell.
Honestly can’t take AGS seriously anymore.