I'm Terrible At Engaging - Deathblade (HALP!)

So it seems like all I’ve got to engage with as deathblade is dark axel, and that is pretty heavily reliant on my teammates already having the enemies occupied/CC’d or just plain luck as most players will just move out of the way or dash.

I seem to land in the middle of AOE stun/CC at least 50% of the time with axel, even when I’m watching and trying to wait for cooldowns to get blown or openings. The alternative is I hardly ever engage because i’m trying to be safe and I just end up being mostly useless.

I ran with turning slash (triple slash) with push immunity for a while, but it’s so slow most people just avoid that as well and then drop some kind of CC where I come out of the animation.

Help me understand the best way to engage as a DB pl0x!!!

Yeah, sorry about that. Deathblade is really underperforming right now. Hopefully the KR devs can intervene and give the NA version of the class a slight damage buff and a second engage skill with push immunity. My advice would just be re roll sharpshooter or deadeye. If you really want to stick with blade though there are some guides out there that you can follow on YouTube and make sure to watch the tournament players.

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any moment now…

Your best engage is to protect your teammates. Wait for someone to dive in on them and CC them into a nice combo.

If you actually need to engage you have Dark Axel, you can walk up and either stun or wind cut, or you can use your dash to avoid 1 single T3 CC (If it’s a sorceress since you know they’re going to freeze)

Additionally rather than holding your blitz rush you can tap it for a quick engage if you can get the hit in it knocks them over and depending if they have their recovery ability that can lead to your dark axel and set up your combo.

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Just utilize your movement skills (or skill with tripod upgrade to enable movement upon casting skill), pick one or two your favorite and place them on Q,W,E

My advice would just be re roll sharpshooter or deadeye.


I think I honestly just need to be more patient maybe?

It also doesn’t help that I face a LOT of shadowhunters and they just absolutely wreck me 90% of the time. It’s pretty normal for me to engage an enemy who has been stunned/attacked by a teammate only to have the shadowhunter drop a bunch of ranged damage on top of us. But if I try and hold back or go for the shadowhunter they just do that to me solo while my teammates get dunked on.

I know DB gets a bad wrap for being OP but it’s extremely difficult to play well/effectively for me at least.

Maybe I’m just bad lol.

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That’s why I rolled a Shadowhunter :smirk:

Ten percent of luck; Twenty percent of skill; Fifteen percent concentrated power of will; five percent pleasure; fifty percent of sexiness

And a hundred percent reason to roll a Shadowhunter

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Wait, what? dB is broken WTF, Just engage and spam your immunity skills

Yeah guys just spam your upper slash into a zerkers earthquake. It should get you the win!

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LOL Comedy gold :slight_smile:

Mine as well just give in and act like the rest of the people on the forums right😂


If you are struggling on blade you won’t be able to handle a class that requires playing the game lol

What kind of reaction time these zerkers in your world have? If u engage and stun in what world they can cast earthquake?

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The Shadowhunters I’ve faced like to use their chakram at range mostly so best advice I can give is if you’ve got them alone wait for that chakram do a dash diagonally so that you are dodging the blade and closing the distance, from there depending on the range you’ve got three engage options based on distance and preference:

1: Wind Cut (My preferred starter) It’s a push immunity, knockup with a small step forward to account for any small gaps left.

2: Our Stun (Believe its called head hunt? Not sure I’m currently at work and unable to look)
This one is an option if you want the fastest engage possible, but also has the shortest range of the options and is obviously a thin line so if you miss you’re boned as it’s our only T3 CC

3: Dark Axel (My mid range choice) Basically I only use dark axel as a starter if it’s still mid range and I need to close a decent distance still.

If the shadowhunter dashes away from this don’t get greedy assess your position and if you’re getting too far into enemy territory/too far from your team back off and wait for a good opportunity to try again.

Hopefully that helps

Blade imo is better at counter initiation than it is at initiation itself.

They are very telegraphed jumping in and most can peel after upper slash.

Better to use your teammates as Bait then counter that opener

Also big part of hard initiation is using your dash pretty quickly after to avoid the peels.

Blitz rush is great poke and knockdown to get rolls before you commit to a dark axel / upper slash

You only really want to dark axel if you can hit them with the ability to stagger them into the upper slash as well. Otherwise everyone just dashes away or stuns you


Shadow hunters actually counter blades pretty well since they’re really good at keeping you at distance and then punishing if you come close and reopening the gap easily. Bait out their vision stun and other ranged abilities before engaging on them.

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@Xyranthia @StickiRiikii @AikoSachi

Thanks for the feedback guys!

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This is literally the most truthful post ive seen in these forums, finding such great advice on reddit is rare, Op I hope u really consider the advice given as im sure it will have u climbing rank in no time, though dont get offended by salty players when they call u out for playing such broken classes as SS and DE, haters gonna hate.