I'm tired, bots spamming at the mail


Says by the person that goes by the name @Trollzor .

You lukcy, Im talking to you…


if youre someone who guys by the name of others, its better you dont talk to me

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You are right.

But hey, make sure you whisper one of them to see if they did something.

wow you must be new. they do that since months.

For a week now, i get gold mails from the same bot every day. They barely scratched the surface with their latest banns.

Sorry you’re experiencing this, we know it’s frustrating – takes me right back to the early days of AOL. For what it’s worth, there is a feature request out to allow folks to report and block directly from the mailbox that is being worked on, so hopefully that doesn’t take too long


Honest question not trying to be sarcastic with this but do they think this feature will make any difference? I never get gold spam mail from the same bot. Also I have reported bots and they are still there many hours later when I’ve checked.

I do see in the screen shot above though they have got mail from the same person multiple times so I guess it might stop a few… The feature just seems more superficial as in it will make players feel better but isn’t actually having any real impact.

Anyways, I guess a placebo is better than nothing though haha But maybe that is what’s needed while more impactful things are being done behind it.

If you want to make a useful Feature for this, instead of removing the Mailing option itself, you could try Whitelisting Friendlists, or Members of the same Global Chat(that chat thingy at the top left corner) aswell as guildmembers. This would be like a option of Facebook or Steam where you can set
“Only Friend of friends can add me as a friend”
And this option would be effective.
Also you should be able to make a Whitelist aswell.

Seems like a good idea but who has time to do manual labor?
How about controlling how many mails a person can send a minute? That way bots cannot spam mail.

I never would have thought that playing a game full of bots would operate the same way as AOL back in 2005, which was also full of bots…
Is the block list infinite or expanded or updated to players that were banned/suspended? Can we get like modern feedback systems please?

Dont think you know what literally means. Im surprised some of the people around here can even remember to breathe.

As long as i keep my headphones on i’ll be fine, i avoid getting haircuts because the last time they took them off and put them on the counter and by the time she turned around i was already passed out.

You can’t report from the mail though. That’s why bots are doing this.

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How about fixing the bot problem instead of just treating the symptome?

I think they’re getting banned hard and trying desperately to get rid of their gold.

So maybe it’s a good thing?

I m playing the game “Area” chat closed. Now not a single bot spams me. They are like predators if you make a sound , they jump on you :smiley:

Nice, now people can report to their heart’s content and have nothing happen and still get constant messages. Nice information Roxx!

These people need replaced POINT BLANK

Same here its very annoying and you can even report mails.

Most annoying part of reporting is you have to type in 5 characters…