I'm used my History pass in wrong character

Hello, good afternoon.

I’m used my History pass in a wrong character, can i retrieve this?

Server: Kazeros
Character: Strikersuspeito

OBS: I won’t farm anything in this pass, i used and do the logoff form my acc.

Can you help in this?

Hey there @marcelo-bsj

Unfortunately there is no way in game to transfer over the Story Pass to another character, and deleting the character with the Story Express will not allow to designate a new one. In this case you could try contacting our Support Team directly and request if it could be possible to try and transfer it but we can’t promise it will be possible, to do this follow this link and click the Web Ticket button::

Again this is not a guaratee we’ll be able to assist but it’s definitely worth a shot!

See you in Arkesia!