Im worried about thronespire 22 legendary books

First of all i have one suggestion that is making floor 22 1415 gear score like anguish island so 1302 bots with damage hack cant clear it.
If they make legendary books bound because of bots that mean we cant punish bots instead we make them bound so f2p players have to buy legendary grudge from 30k each.What i mean is game force us to use 3. party program if u cant beat them join em.

Why do you need legendary Grudge? Just get it from stones and accs

Bc it’s a good investment in the long run. Legendary engraving is for your entire account, while accessories and stones aren’t, plus, no rng involved.


All dps chars using grudge with no exception so i can use it on all my alts and relic accesories are so expensive book is way cheaper in long term after all my alts get 1415 for example and after that we will get ancient accesories (white items in KR server) how much do u think a single ancient accesories with grudge ?

if they change it and make it bound, time to quit the game. tired of getting punished for no reason

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Wasn’t it confirmed that those books will be bound o_o


I swear I watched some video covering Thronespire and the rewards of it mention it to be bound something along the lines of if it was bound in Korea, then it might be bound in NA/EU.

Then again with how they did the infinite vendor initially in NA/EU makes that go omegalul

Bots flooding the market with legendary books would be perfect for real players because the prices would drop and hopefully become affordable. $400-500+ for a full set of engravings (legitimately not RMT) is not good in my opinion.

I’m glad I bought the one legendary set I have now back when it was less than half the price because if I were a new player I just wouldn’t bother spending any money.

Maybe im low iq brain, but I would have thought bots controlling the market would simply buy any books that is sold from players to/and continue to sell the books at the current prices or raise it even higher.

Mainly in efforts to keep inflation up/encourage people to buy gold-their services to purchase books.

You can’t resell books. Once you buy them they are bound to you.

Oh good to know. I was confused honestly since I know people are still buying/seling legendary books and assumed it was like how equipment/accessories work with x3 trading lol.

Well I dont see the “long run” if they do nothing whit the bots lol

Lol I mean, same.

Not only the bots, but rmts and long af queues… It’s sad how the current situation is in a lot of servers =f

Boy do I have news for you, buckle up, because you’re about to be disappointed that they choose the wrong answer for the millionth time. They are unbound in Korea from what I’ve heard a couple of KR streamers say.

Since it’s the one thing that would actually benefit players it’s also the one thing they’ll change. :pensive:

we need to bump this post,lets make it hot,so CM can make solution…