Imagine asking players to troubleshoot on the Forums to make the game playable

Every time I think AGS cannot manage this game any worse, you guys come up with a more unbelievably unprofessional way to manage this game. Constant disconnects in 2022 is a beyond unacceptable issue for a day, let alone for multiple weeks. Not only nothing is being done about it, but the “fix” is unspeakable now.

You are seriously asking from your players, as a multi-billion dollar company, to troubleshoot disconnects themselves, over the Forums of all things. This is beyond unprofessional and yet another move from AGS to run this game to the ground.

Bring down all the servers, like you did when you freaked out over giving 10 pheons to all the players, and don’t bring the servers back up until you fix the issue.

If the servers and AH is still an issue by the time Brelshaza comes out, I really doubt you will have any players left to play this wonderful game that you single handedly destroyed AGS. @Roxx @Official_News


It is standard practice for a game studio to use the data its user base generates on the live environment in order to troubleshoot issues.

What is not standard practice is failing to employ anyone on the developer’s end to address the issues within a timely manner. Typically that entity would gather the data from players quietly; bold-faced begging for player feedback without any promise of compensation for their time is frankly negligent unprofessionalism at its worst.

I feel deeply for whoever is saddled with testing their apocalyptic pipeline. If they even have testers.

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Yes, right now they are killing the game by using a hyper-express-pass.

A good friend said it to me two minutes ago.
Brel release is soon and there is 0 talk neither hype about. But hundred thousands of disconnects


What employees do they have to consult to, if not for the players that do the work for free here on the forums? Look at all the layoffs they are doing in the land of the free :slight_smile:

Wait arent WE playing on a PTR?

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you can act as if they do nothing all day.

But you cant be mad when they propose a solution. Yes this time they wanted the players to repair their EAC. is that really bad? Do you have to come in here and complain even about that?

Like sometimes i think you people just want the drama and nothing else.

Also, by your logic since they created a problem you should not be happy they are trying to fix it? So when you fk up at your job your boss should hate your for the rest of your life? Good mentality bro. keep it up.

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Compensation is a joke we wouldn’t need it if they hadn’t take all are means of supporting ourselves under the pretense of bot prevention, nothing has slowed them down and in fact has increased there activity they’ve only helped exacerbate the problem, haven’t put anything back the way it was. The AH for example thought it was hard before now they gated it for players we don’t have a chance at all they run scripts all we can do is watch it disappear they take it all you think they would leave a Little for others, but nope just like amazon its all or nothing we suffer bots win amazon wins they take our money and give us compensation instead of the game we are paying for and make no mistake it is not free to play never was never will be

Thanks for the explanation @newnewb12, I was wondering what the OP @noctevulpes was actually on about.

I mean I did fully read the thread but yet I could not understand what the OP was complaining about.
Asking players for input on game forums has happened for, well years. Yes I am that old.

I really do wonder what people who post like this actually expect to achieve when the post the way they do. There is a thinly veiled threat in the OP which is quite frankly pathetic.

I also agree with you @newnewb12 about the work situation and if these people have any clue about their attitude and how that reflect upon them. I would not like to be the OP boss.

Unfortunately, people are just angry and they try to express their anger with any opportunity they find, spreading missinformation and hatred. I’m not saying their anger is not justified, in most cases it is, but that’s not how you go about it.

This is a general issue with the forums, since people who actually like the game, play it, instead of hopping here and complain all day.

yeah so true. people feel aggrieved and just lash out without thinking clearly I think.

I live in Australia and we have something called a “pub test” here.
It basically means if you don’t think you could get away with those words or behaviour in the local pub without bad consequences then you should not do or say those things.


well its not hard to “lash out” especially if i didnt write anything harsh yet my earlier reply got deleted since i hit a soft spot i guess pathetic

It didn’t take long for them to pull the servers down saying it was an exploit when it was clearly their mistake…never seen anything like this in the world of videogames, a total lack of respect towards the players.

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Ah here it is, the white knights of the forums. Their “solution” was literally to run EAC as admin in our files, and if you look at Reddit and the Forums, it literally did not do anything as people expected it wouldn’t. You can try to justify “hey guys, run EAC as admin,” as them doing something about a vital issue that has been going on for weeks, but that’s just pathetic, you do you.

With these little moves that don’t actually do anything, they manage to trick people like you into believing they do something. This has been an issue for weeks in a company with multiple full time employees. You can sit there and try to tell me that it makes sense that weeks of full-time work led to “run your EAC as admin.”

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That’s part of it

The other part is coming here because they’re personally mad about something and seeking validation for how they feel

In this echo chamber, as long as you’re saying something bad then people will agree, however small the population doing it is

It gives that person validation and a sense of accomplishment and job well done for well… doing nothing

Look at how many threads pop up with the same people going “bump” or calling Roxx out or posting “do this” over and over

I hop from thread to thread but to dwell on issues that long… take a break away from here kids, it’ll do ya some good

how long is this break supposed to be? its been a month and a half break and its still not fixed lol

However long you see fit

Iunno I’m not a doctor

Nah maybe you don’t mind I supported them and paid money to get a good product as many people did if they refund our money we will quit and they can have a 2 years break for all i care

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Remember when Shadow Fox was asking players how long their queues was? Asking them to leave their account info and how long queues are on their servers. It’s like they have literally 0 behind the scenes insight or knowledge.

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Hi @noctevulpes, so if you don’t agree with someone you resort to insulting them. I see you.

If that is the entirety of your understanding of the “solution” as you say, then I am not surprised you are having difficulties.

I can confirm that the change they put in place and the post they made about it was correct and did indeed fix the problem. I was experiencing the problem and it was fixed in the manner described in the post.

If you like, we could break down the official news post and I could help you understand it better.

Is not what that news post was about, you are misunderstanding. You are referring to a different problem and I would suggest actually confused by what is going on.

Again I would be happy to help you, if you would ask in a civil manner then we could go through some things together.
But I suspect you don’t actually want any help so as you say …