Imagine being a brand new player

if you tried to get a friend to play the game you enjoy it is already impossible to ever really play (mains) together they will always be months behind and its only been a month since release also the gold spam in the beginning zones is definitely not new player friendly cant even ask a question if you needed to in area chat. the game is not new player friendly anymore like i said its only been a month.


I agree with that x) If nothing is done, the game will died…

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New player pov : | Bot Land : Lost Ark #9 - YouTube

i dont even want to tell ppl to try it and play with me because we will never play together its only been a month it would take them months to catch up lol

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And especially that when we arrive in the game, we have the impression to be connected on MW3 which is completely abandoned…

Sooo what you are saying its like any other MMO game out there LOL <3

Thank you for your very pertinent point of view that brings a solution to the problem!

not after a month maybe a year or 2

any new player these day will check for review on youtube
and since a week or 2 what is the only thing you see about lost ark on youtube
is freaking drama about Hard wall and insane pay2 progress

the only 3 word they get is Korean GRIND fest

its sad to see i want to get my friends to play like we used to but they will never go for it in this state of the game perpetually behind and not by a little but a lot a whole lot to get to 1340 1.5 months to get to 1370 another month

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Bots are very hard to get rid of cause players will just find a new way to get around any systems they put in place to deal with them :slight_smile: And the same things go for area chat/ world chat, all the gold spammers will find a way. And Smilegate have already said they are working on stuff to “delay/stop” bots and chat gold spam but most MMO have these problems and are not a easy solve :slight_smile:

why do we have easy anti cheat isn’t that supposed to save us . all it does is make the game run like crap

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for lost ark getting rid of 99% of bots its quite easy, just ban China Ip and you will see 99% of bots disappear.

they should do it

Registrar mail to contact :
New gold seller website :
Report this website please

You know, you can make alts to play with them which you’ll need in the long term anyways?


Easy Anti Cheat is purely spyware… nothing to do with cheats.

Suggestion! Cant you just make a new character and have your friend join your server? Seems extremely possible to play with a new friend. Especially if you have discord. If you are unwilling to have an account/character to just play with friends then idk maybe youre just not that close of a friend :person_shrugging:

About the bots, yeah it could be better but they have banned over a million of them already. Its a bigger problem with the players being willing to use their rmt services and exploiting others for money.

If your friend wants to ask questions, the forums, youtube and maxroll all have answers. Ik /z chat cam be easier but if rmt spammers are too annoying you can create a second chat window that removes /z. If you two make a guild together you can use guild chat.

Its not entirely new player unfriendly but its got some headaches i will agree. But some mmos are just like that now. Its quick and easy for the rmt spammers to make accounts itd be nice to make the whole account creation thing more difficult on steam as well.

Are you implying you’ve done a years worth of work in a month?

The gold spammers are an issue i agree.

But i dont see how your friend being a month behind you because he literally played a month after your main is an issue. Thats literally how progression works. The alternative is to let new players sky rocket to end gamr within a week which undermines all their other content in between, and it also makes senior players fee less valued for their time investment.

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