Imagine getting banned because your character is named "Vibes"


Live support says that the GM who is responsible for it has said that “Vibes” is an offensive/kinky word in another language. Can you imagine that I’ve used this name the past 10 years and never had issues? Google also wont spit out anything “kinky” about this.

Amazon being pepega at it’s finest


dam rip to ur OG name


That’s some bullshit tbh.


Lmao, that’s dumb af.

Some GMs are sticks in the mud.



lol, how is that offensive.

What are you changing it to ? Highly doubt amazon going to change their stance on it

Not an uncommon issue in this game sadly. They’re making the classic mistake of trying to please literally every single person on the face of the entire planet but of course this ends up having the opposite effect and now everyone is pissed at them. Player name and game chat censors need to be re-evaluated.


I changed it to “Whywhywhywhywhy”. Thought amazon support would show some understanding but I was wrong.

Who even reports this ?? (Maybe they were offended by your character’s appearance:’) looks good to me though!)


Although thats really damn stupid, can I ask why you scribbled out the other character names? I figure you’re telling the truth and you were banned for the name Vibes but at the same time, why show that name and exclude the rest? Maybe you got banned for your alt character names?

If this is true, whatever GM that was, is pretty damn stupid.


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Nice names :smiley: hahaha

Trying to google what language this would even be offensive in and im not seeing anything

Lol damn, okay. Yea thats…ridiculous. Hopefully you can work it out with support. Sorry man, thats one hell of a bad GM.

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Even if it was… Are they going to report the English language/English dictionary or something? For having the word in there?

It’s ridiculous

What iiif… GM wanted to have the name for themselves and had to find a reason for you to remove it


I mean I dont even think it is though thats the thing :joy: like someone just reported it out of spite and they failed to manually review it.


I think I’ve seen something like this happen in Maplestory 2 before they shut down.

Wth … That is messed up!