Immense frame drops in chaos dungeon

I’m experiencing extreme frame drops in chaos dungeons atm. The gameplay gets stuck for some milliseconds. The bosses suddenly appear in a different places because you can’t see them moving. It’s almost unplayable in this state. Interestingly I witnessed slight frame drops already yesterday before the update, but not as bad as today.

I’m playing on EUW/Moonkeep if this matters.


I have started to see a massive frame drop since the new update whenever I do chaos dungeons too

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I have the same problem in EUC, it can be solved by disabling the chat but…

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Disabling chat helps? I need to try this as a temporary solution as I play chaos dungeons mostly alone.

I have played normal mission chaos dungeons and ran into the same problem btw. Did the Feiton dungeons tonight and got massive frame drops in the castle. It happens whenever too many enemies are rendered at once.

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Ok, it’s definately the chat that is interfering with the game. I’ve created an empty chat which does not log anything and the game works again as it should be.