"Immersed in Death" quest bug

While I was in a “Immersed in Death” quest, my game crashed when I equip the transformation.

When I re-log the game, somehow the game roll back my character where I’m not able to “jump” on the bridge. I’m not able to unequip the transformation as well as the “R” skill is disabled.

Please see the screenshot proof below:

1 - When I press G to jump, game says I’m not able to.
2 - The R skill is disabled.
3 - The location I need to continue in my quest.

same bug here, how you solve ?

unfortunately, need to exit the quest and re-do everything again…

but how to abandon the quest? I can’t click abandon, the button doesn’t work

oh, i did it, in Services - Escape. ty

no, dont abandon quest… just use “song of escape” to exit the dungeon.
then you can re-enter and complete the quest again.