Implement 2-step login process and ban RMT buyers

  1. If Lost Ark implement 2 step verification process to login to the game, the bots would have harder time to figure this out when you can only activate an account per phone numbers.
    Or, putting pictures that only human eyes can detect what those codes are and write them to login to the game as well.
    This can’t hurt the game so might as well put it there which won’t cost devs a lot of time to do this.
    I see that Region ban is not working and actually got worse somehow.

  2. Just ban RMTers. It’s hard to prove and it’s is GREY area?
    Nah. There are so many obvious cases that devs can detect.
    If Players are banned wrongfully, make PLAYERS aware next time you do stuff, you might also get banned again for looking suspicious or something. Make us fear about RMTs.