Implement Pheons ingame at fixed price

We ve been here for a while now. We witnessed inflaction and spikes in gold or crystal conversions for months, and at today there s almost no server populated where the economy isnt dead or dying.

We can agree that the no.1 reason for gold to blues conversion are pheons. There is barely any other item in the shop being the cause of frequent and big conversions.

While KR is used to this pretty much “predatory” sistem, and accustomed to that lind of pay to progress, in EU, NA, and overall outer regions it just WONT CUT IT.

The pheon system is literally the very first on the famous list of things “we re going to occidentalize” SG foretold before release. Players arent accustomed with it, players hate it, players wont play the game anymore with it. While they can in the end stomach honing, pheons arent accepted. At all. And the consequence is also a dead market with conversions being absurdly high.


Remove pheons from the cash shop entirely for regions outside Kr and overall not part of the “kr p2w system”. Implement pheons ingame at a fixed unmovable rate. If you want, set them up like chaos stone, with an amount at discounted raising prices and infinite availability for a foxed higher price.

This alone will almost completely solve the market problem, will result in fairer progression at any stage for both older and newer players, and overall take out one of the biggest issue keeping a lot of players from playing the game or returnin.

You tried, you failed, you need to do better and change systems.


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Aha, another pheon thread

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Because it’s an important topic.
Pheons suck.


U should get used to it. Since pheons are most hated, there will be multiple threads about it every day until ags/smg do something about it, hence forever.

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Important yes and constanty ignored by devs & publishers as well, I really wish that they’d overhaul the whole pheon system and make it user friendly

ATM, pheon is a cancer that slowly kills the game

They should do that.
And price them higher than they are now

Cause then the crybabies who want everything cheap/for free will still cry

And normal players will still save up and get the pheons they need

Aren’t Pheons already fixed in price? I believe they are about $0.20 each. While I admit this price is a bit steep considering how many you need for a character, it has always been the same price (royal crystal → blue crystal → pheon).

The underlying gold to crystal exchange rate is the bigger issue for free-to-play players as fewer whales are spending these days.

ive made a better suggestion about pherons in a thread about 2 weeks ago, they didnt even bother to reply

They “let the team know” xDd

I think people fail to understand the purpose of pheons on the economy. Indeed, it is a P2W feature (if we take the current raising gold-to-blue-crystal convertion rates). Yet, it is needed to maintain whales using the in-game exchange market.

As you said, the number 1 reason for gold-to-blue-crystal exchange use is pheons. That’s true. But do you understand how the exchange market in general works? Whales need F2P/low spenders to exchange G:BC —RC prices go up when more people exchange G:BC. Also, F2P/low spenders need Whales to exchange RC:G —BC prices go down when more people exchange RC:G.

Having that into consideration, if I understood well your proposition, making pheons a fixed gold price means two things:

  1. Gold to pheon prices will be set at a higher price than the value of RC to pheon in a hypothetical gold value.

  2. BCs will no longer be demanded, so the RC:G exchange rate will go down, thus RC:G will no longer be valuable.

This measure will actually incentivise Whales to buy gold from RMTers (if right now it is still more valuable to buy from RMT rather than from the exchange market, imagine if the RC:G market dies).

How you solve this? Rethinking how the markets work. SG will need to rethink and redesign how the market works so all of this stuff doesn’t happen. One of the ideas that one might come up with is to make RC:G exchange rate also fixed. Thus you eliminate BCs from the currency wallet. Now everything that costed BCs will now cost gold. Yet, how do you know how much gold will something cost? With the current system, it is the interaction between Whales and F2P/Low spenders what decides the value of gold. So SG has to think of a price that would let them earn the same amount of money they get or more from the current system, and depending on that the prices are more likely to be more expensive that what are now, so they can get more money from the spenders. This would most likely make the system more predatory, as the developers will be the ones controlling the economy now.

SG’s best shot to solve the inflationary problem is to incentivise the RC:G exchange rate. P2W features like a Mileage Shop (getting points from only exchanging RC:G) or the Golden Turtle (? I don’t remember the name, but that npc that let’s exchange gold for tons of valuable stuff like leg books and cards) are a couple of options that are most likely to reduce the price of G:BC, thus making it more adequate for F2P/Low spenders. Win win. (Controlling the bot issue is also a possibility, but not in the short run)

For mokoko players on the other hand… just giving them some pheons (like 300-400 or so) whenever they get to ilvl 1370 might be enough to build a main to 4x3 or a main + one or two alts to 3x3, so they can start generating gold.

Edit1: Reduced pheons on stones/future bracelets and no pheons on skins and tripods would also be nice, ofc. But that’s not on topic.

no worries buddies, if the BC rates keeps increasing, we will get 1 mill gold für 50 bucks but can’t afford 95 BC anymore without losing that one mill.

Yes, if you get pheons by purchasing shards in the store price is fixed.

But gold to blue crystal conversion is subject to fluctuations, as the market is, therefore price for pheons changes a lot.

Until a few weeks ago (about 7-8 I think) the price for 95 blue crystal had been steady around 500g for months. Now it’s 1800g (when I looked yesterday evening).

This is for NAE market. It’s a lot worse in other regions, especially SA and EUW. Heard that it was 4k gold for 95 pheons at some point in SA.

I totally see where you are coming from.

The issue with having a fixed price for pheons is that AGS/SG would decide the price. So, it’s more likely that we would end up with a much higher price overall.

Honestly, the only thing they would need to do, to make people a lot happier, is to make stones and tripods pheon-free.

It really isn’t an important topic. You guys really want it to be, but the answer to every request surrounding pheons has been a resounding no from the developers of the game. They don’t need to be a fixed price, and Pheons are absolutely a minor contribution to BC inflation, understand minor, cause there are much bigger problems that are contributing to BC inflation than pheons.

So as much as you guys want to make a big fuss about Pheons, it isn’t a problem to people who actually play the game and spend their gold wisely, and the minority voice on forums complains about everything so shouldnt be listened to anyways. If it isn’t pheons it will be something else.

I just bought $400 in pheons to show my support.

Thank you for your purchase and support for the game please note all cash shop sale are final and not refundable.

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You’re welcome. Ill hit you up again tomorrow with another $400 in crystals. Game is ez.

Thankfully we do not charge you pheons to process your $$$ transaction.