Implemented the groundwork for a new region to host servers in Europe, called “Europe West.”

this is beyond a joke, I understand the Europeans are stuck with queues and extended wait times to get into their world to play, but damn, how hard would it be for AGS to just take down the dead New World servers and migrate them to Lost Ark? Europe already have close to 30 worlds to play on as it is and now with the addition to Europe West, how many more does that make?

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Yes, he is right. There are only about 30,000 players still playing New World. Take away all but 15 servers, and the 6000 players that might be left can go into the queue.

Right now at this time it is even according to Steam only 20000.
Fits yet, clear server capacity.

AP Southeast currently has 1,990 online players at the moment, compared to the god knows how many in the OCE region active on Lost Ark, be easy enough to split the servers on AP Southeast or make 1 big world and take the remaining servers over to Lost Ark…I understand the EU with their frustration on having to wait in the queue, had to do it for days on New World, it’s not fun…but it would be nice if they at least acknowledge the OCE considering their biggest forum article is OCE asking for servers.

They explicitly said already that the current European region has reached server cap limit. The infrastructure does not permit adding more capacity without compromising the stability of the game.

What is beyond my understanding is why Europe did not receive 2 regions, just as NA from the beginning, since Europe has more population than North America (roughly double) thus a larger player base. How does it make sense to add 2 regions for 350+ million people, but only 1 for 500-600 million people.

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you honestly would have though that it would have been the option from the beginning wouldn’t you? regardless of “estimated” player base, it would have been good to be prepared from the begging

Well yes? I mean the launch of New World had similar issues. Amazon underestimating the European player base. With New World, and now with Lost Ark, they prioritized the NA infrastructure thinking that more American players will play than Europeans. WRONG! This is the second time this is happening. First time is newbie’s mistake, but second time ain’t anymore.

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it’s quite baffling to be honest, you would have thought AGS would have learned from their first trial with New World and at least had enough servers as a just in case and what I don’t get is how hard is it to open up servers in OCE to begin with? it’s like they didn’t think anyone from Australia or New Zealand were going to play the game, it’s just stupid…look at Ashes of Creation, that’ll be releasing with OCE servers and there’s not even a release date yet and AGS can clearly see where the active player bases are and can’t accommodate for OCE.

I have been very vocal about my complaints - but this thread just received the perfect answer through you.

If someone wants to complain about something - at least make it logical or constructive.

Thank you for your post Derbudz.

It is likely that LOA has the same problem as FF14.
You need a certain hardware for the servers, which is probably not quite common. Chipshortage does not allow them to simply purchase new hardware.

I’m of the opinion that it was obvious that LOA was going to explode, but I’m actually glad we can finally play it.

I am never sure if someone truly believes this or is trolling (which is on me).
Either way, no you can not do that - as the GIFs appropriately and correctly summarizes by “derbudz”.