Important Info about the Nerfs

If the majority of players haven’t even reached T1, then they don’t have enough data to actually justify any changes in the first place. Also, aren’t steam achievements bugged for LA anyway? Wouldn’t put too much weight on those to make any kind of argument.


While it might not be perfect… it is oddly close to what generally happens… a small minority are content pushers… and the majority lags behind a bit, especially on new games

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Wait you do realize steam achievements are bugged…… lol I’d delete while your ahead of yourself.

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So the nerf is based on the fact that in 3 weeks only 1% have reached t3?

It’s a pretty stupid decision, most people don’t rush the game and this doesn’t mean it’s bad. MMOs are made to be enjoyed for a long time. not be finished in 3 weeks.

Probably a lot of people never get to t3, which is completely normal in mmo’s. A lot of people never get to the end game content in any game (even single player ones)


There are middle grounds. Any western game cannot cater to one audience over another. Western MMO audiences (whether we like it or not) ARE more casual than eastern audiences. That’s just the way it is. I do NOT think abyssal dungeons should be nerfed. They are needed training wheels for later content. I agree with reverting the arbitrary 50% HP buff for guardians so the DAILY content can be done more efficiently. Mechanics will be the same. Folks who didn’t do mechanics before, won’t do them when the guardian has less hp and will still die. My 5 feeder alts thank you.

Didn’t the lead dev at Smilegate assert that he wanted NA/EU to catch up to KR/RU very quickly? If that’s the case, it may mean they are focused on getting people to T3 in a reasonable amount of time and/or remove barriers that they see in data. Just a thought - my opinion on the “nerfs” is right down the middle. No nerfing of abyssal dungeons, fine with reverting the 50% hp buff to guardians so my feeder alts can do it quicker :slight_smile:

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I get your point but I’m also pretty sure they talked about “enjoying” the game.

And yet I feel that this decision is being taken hastily, 3 weeks is not enough for the average player to reach t3.
In my guild we are connected almost 12hrs a day and still very few have reached t3. I would understand this decision in the second or third month of play, but being forced to rush a game is never a good decision.

I mean, it’s not a nerf. It’s a restoration to the way the game was developed & how it was released everywhere else. Amazon increased difficulty by 50% for western release because beta testers complained it was too easy. Now if they reduced difficulty lower than what it was originally it would be a nerf. Right now it’s a restoration to canon.

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Nerfing the content will only provide more player that quit onnce they reach t3 cause they didn’t bother to learn any mechanic, nor dodge a thing still running around with lvl 1 grudge. And that my friend is just basic logic.

Miriey debunks the 50% increased HP rumor in this thread:

Ok then implement the p2w mechanics that exist in korea since day one. let’s see what people say to restore that part to canon. Especially the NA folks. :wink:

Like every major global restaurant chain knows, different regions need different supplies.
And since when did ppl know whats good for them? Making life easy sure never was a good idea in the long term.

Nice argument. By that logic it’s also a vocal minority that are clamouring for nerfs as the other 84.2% haven’t even seen the content to comment on its difficulty.


So for most games… like 50% or more players drop in the first few hours just because they decide the game isn’t for them… Its why most game design lectures will talk about making sure you front load a lot of budget into that first hour or two, for the big wow factor and get people hooked.

This is ignoring other factors like, a terrible server stability issue in EU, which has likely driven a lot of especially more casual players away from the game… and lets not forget… the game is only what 3 weeks old, even including the early launch? For some one who only has 1-2 hours a night to play, is playing other games as well… is watching story beats, or doing some completion bits… its very reasonable to expect some one to not be done with the story…

Roxx has responded in a couple threads about the 50% increase and never said it was incorrect.

Its an issue with how Steam registers multi stage achievements.

Lost Ark grants partial achievements at certain milestones while Steam sees that first achievement pop up and assumes it is complete.

This is however, limited explicitely to partial achievements like killing a certain number of mobs or reaching milestones in gathering.

Basically, If the achievement is a singular objective, like the item level ones, you can trust it to be properly reflective of how many players have said achievement.

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CMs aren’t developers, they don’t always have all of the technical info right in front of them all the time. Choosing not to directly address an issue is not the same as confirming it to be true, and I’ve seen the replies you’re talking about. None of them specifically reference the “+50% HP buff compared to KR/RU.” Miriey’s tests prove there is no such difference.

Dude, you’re going by steam achievements which includes people who downloaded the game, sat in queue for 5 minutes, quit and never touched it again

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but you think ~85% of the people just “played” the game for 5 minutes and never came back?

I think there are plenty of people who downloaded the game only to have never played it. Yes. Steam achievements are not a statistic to go by.

My man out here dunking on them flakes

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