Important quest is bugged

On Lullaby Island the final phase of the quest is broken. Since this quest is the only way to get the forest minuet song, others quests can not be completed. The final phase of the quest is called “It’s OK, Miss Fairy”. Its a coop quest that is only available on a timer. We have waited until the timer is up and had multiple people singing the “Song of Resonance” song over and over. This is supposed to open up a passage way in the vines on the right east side of the island. The problem is the passageway never opens, no matter how many people sing the song.

Please fix this bug as it is blocking other character advancement paths.

Hello @Logsdonb99!

I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues with a quest.

I was able to find some details regarding this around the forums.

Please check if any of the solutions on this comment work:

In case none of these solve the issue, please let me know so I can move this topic to the bug report section!

How far off are the time zones. We can adjust and at least progress while a fix is being made